A Mesmerising Marriage Of Mid Century And Minimalism

Mid century modern and minimalism make an easy partnership. Each embrace simple lines over ornate outlines, and lift furniture up on legs to present a more open and airy feel. Predominantly neutral color schemes with white walls, wooden floors, and elements of brown, cream and white are the perfect setting for such a fusion, as illustrated here in our three beautiful examples. Black base notes pull the aesthetic and materials of mid century modern bang up to date, whilst metallic small accent pieces add up market sheen. The abundance of negative space left around vintage furniture items lays a minimalist foundation, bringing balance between classic and contemporary ideas.

Designer: Artem Trigubchak  
Visualizer: Artem Trigubchak  

Our first marriage of two styles fills the 520 square metre interior of a mid-century modern house renovation. The home was originally built in the 1970’s by O’Neil Ford and Richard Colley, two leading architects of the American Southwest. Whilst the space was restructured, its original charm was maintained. A combination of vintage American mid century furniture was matched with modern pieces, in a clean layout that strikes a harmonious chord. The mid century modern living room uses wood and tan furniture to create a warm welcome within an all white room.

The lounge stands open to a formal dining area decorated in the same colour scheme to create a calm and easy flow.

Wooden window frames look mellow in their white setting.

A simple area rug holds the vintage furniture items together in arrangement.

A triple headed black swing arm wall lamp lights the tan sofa, adjacent book stacks, and a black mid century modern chair–which is the famous Eames style lounge chair.

The centrepiece of the lounge is an unusual round coffee table design. Its presence pulls all of the seating together, like a gravitational force.

The large glass doors pivot in their mounts to give access to a red brick terrace.

White walls present a simple foyer design, whilst stunning diamond grain in the front door steals the show. A cool tiered pendant light design, synonymous with the mid century aesthetic, helps draw the eye up toward a triangular clerestory window.

Another mid century style pendant light swings above the dining room table.

The dining room pendant light is understated so that the chunky dining suite can stand dominant.

A large home office has a bookshelf and floating drawer installation along one entire wall. A white chaise reclines under a stained glass window.

The glossy black surface of the desk/meeting table reflects the colours of the window. The vintage ambiance of the room is shook by the appearance of a modern chandelier, although its sputnik stem-like design has clear mid century roots.

Heavily veined stone encases the modern bathroom layout.

Modern taps fill the deep sided stone bath. A wall sconce shares ambient light.

The shower holds brass fixtures, a popular material in the mid century modern movement.

Designer: Kanstantsin Remez  

Our second tour is a residence in San Francisco; a 146 square meter house redesign that had not been updated since 1950. The new owner, a young businessman in the gaming industry, requested a laconic and minimalistic space for himself and his family.

The minimalist living room is a set of chairs, sofa and a floor hugging round coffee table.

Huge white cabinet doors slide away to reveal a hidden book library, and secret storage for toys.

The living room design is built with simple forms, and textures of wood, artificial leather and concrete. The double sided sofa arrangement is raised on a single plinth, like an island, or an art exhibit.

An unusual floor lamp provides reading light.

Floor-to-ceiling curtains fully encircle the creative homeowner’s Yamaha Piano, which was his only non negotiable for his family’s new minimalist home. The instrument forms the heart of the living room but can be played in a kind of solitude behind this cloak when fully closed. The piano can also be revealed to the dining room, to allow for some impromptu dinner time entertainment.

A linear chandelier stretches above a white table in the white dining room.

Flat fronted, handle free doors open to reveal a kitchen made in deeply contrasting rich wood. The concealment doors allow for the kitchen to be removed from configuration of the space entirely, presenting a full and uncomplicated dining room. This way kitchen clutter can not distract from the importance of the coveted family dinner.

When on display, the white and wood kitchen presents a smart and elegant visual.

Designer: Mohamed Mousa  
Visualizer: Mohamed Mousa  

Our last inspirational tour of minimalist meets mid century modern takes place in a 1400 square foot home in New York, USA. The minimalist living room is calm itself.

Wegner style elbow chairs and a round dining table make up a minimalist dining room.

Beech wood doors line a white hallway to the bedrooms.

A wooden bedstead, two matching bedside tables and a simple rug design make up the minimalist bedroom.

The mid century modern dressing table and vanity mirror populate one white bedroom wall. A low console unit and a fresh indoor plant underpin another.

The white bathroom is tiled from top to toe. Black fixtures cut through the pale backdrop.

A second bedroom is set out with equal simplicity to the first, though an upholstered bed design brings a certain softness. The bedside table lamps are the brass versions of the Menu JWDA concrete table lamps.

Only the lamps occupy two neat side tables.

The closet is accessed via a wooden archway.

Arched back bedroom chairs echo the structural detail of the room. A white small floor lamp disappears against its plain white background.

An illuminated vanity mirror lights up a minimalist shower room.

Floor plan.

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