Arrangement and Planning for Small Bathrooms

Located at the southwest corner of a previously state-owned silkworm farm in Yucun, Moganshan, Zhejiang Province, the project is connected to the peak of Moganshan Mountain by a mountain trail. The site can be accessed from the northwest corner and the terrain is gradually lowered from the north to the south. There are cottages standing adjacent with jagged outline on the north, whereas the southern end opens up to a panoramic view of a meandering stream. 

Arrangement must be previously planned. Generally, the architects should fit the wishes of the owners or the investor into the reality and the actual possibilities. Furthermore, it is notable that the small bathrooms are more challenging, because you should fit all of the necessary elements into a small space. You cannot choose between any of them, you can only use your imagination and try to find the perfect solution. Finally, on these pictures below, you can see the initial plans and the final products for small bathrooms. You can see that the final products are beautiful and modern bathrooms, that are equally functional and trendy as the bigger ones.Arrangement and Planning for Small Bathrooms

Arrangement and Planning for Small Bathrooms

See the amazing plans and tips on the pictures and the link below.


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