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The 50 Best Houses of 2020 (So Far)

July 8, 2020 Victor Delaqua 0

We’ve recently passed the halfway point of 2020, and to date, we’ve published hundreds of residential projects featuring distinct ways of living on ArchDaily. In a year marked by the worst health crisis that humanity has experienced in the last century, the Covid-19 pandemic, the house has gained new meanings and values, reiterating that no matter how diverse its program, a home’s purpose is to shelter its inhabitants.

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After All, Who Do We Build Architecture and Urbanism for?

July 1, 2020 Victor Delaqua 0

What would all the built environments be without its users? This question may make it easier to understand that not only do architecture and urbanism sustain themselves as physical spaces, but they also gain meaning mainly through the human and non-human movements and bonds, that – together with the architectural or spontaneous traces that make up the urban landscape – provoke the sensations that each individual feels in a unique way.

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Rio Bonito House / Carla Juaçaba

May 16, 2020 Victor Delaqua 0

The “Three Peaks” nature preserve, situated in the Nova Friburgo mountains of the Rio Bonito hinterland, was the spot chosen for the residence-cum-retreat of the director of the museum images of the unconscious, Luiz Carlos Mello. Its proximity to the river was a deciding factor among the choices presented for such a project. Two stone walls – 1.10 meters, or 3′ 7″, thick – support four steel beams, upon which rest the floors and roofing.

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From Utopia To Reality: Brasília’s 60th Anniversary

May 8, 2020 Victor Delaqua 0

50 years ago Clarice Lispector already pointed out how difficult it was to unveil Brasilia: “the two architects did not think of building beautiful, it would be easy; they raised their amazement, and left the amazement unexplained”. This year the capital turned 60, and still remains intriguing for scholars, students, and anyone who allows themselves to explore it better. In order to understand the daily life that exists there, we invited six professionals- in the field of architecture and urbanism – who live in the city, to share their visions with us and bring a few more layers that help to build an interpretation of utopia and reality that Brasília currently represents.

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Indoor Landscaping: 30 Projects that Bring Life into Interiors

March 20, 2020 Victor Delaqua 0

Introducing elements of nature – such as water, vegetation, natural light, stones or even the use of wood – into interior design can provide richer and more complex compositions in the built environment. In these landscaping projects, the textures, silhouettes and, especially, the generated sensations, can establish new relationships of well-being and comfort for the user.

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Minimal Solutions: 10 Residential Projects up to 60 m² in Portugal

March 16, 2020 Victor Delaqua 0

Designing small spaces is a challenge that is common for architects because of the increase in urban densities and smaller spaces dedicated to homes and apartments. For Portuguese architects, dealing with the small scale and its details is something already established in their project thinking, given the way they transform the compartmentalized plans of secular buildings through rehabilitation and refurbishment that provide a contemporary and functional atmosphere to their inhabitants. We gathered ten projects, using photographs and plans, as a few examples of this Portuguese talent.

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Details of Wooden Structures in Kengo Kuma’s Work

March 2, 2020 Victor Delaqua 0

Kengo Kuma’s architecture can be defined by its respect to Japanese constructive traditions and alignment with its context. Internationally recognized, the architect is known mainly for his wooden (or mixed) structures, which arise from a simple pattern of assembly and, which through different intersections and angles, generate a complex whole. The representations created by his team bring very specific details, ranging from didactic isometrics to complex parametric drawings. We have gathered details of five inspiring projects by Kengo Kuma that use wood.