Combining Calming Colours To Make Restful Modern Interiors

Apricot, light greens, sky blue and naturals combine to create relaxing, light-hearted environments for modern living. These four bright interiors are average sized homes, which exhibit practical ideas for comfortable layouts within modest dimensions. The warming apricot vibes that flood through these spaces cultivate an uplifting mood that feels like coming home to a hug. Blue and green tones cool down the palettes, along with breaths of grey that bring back an air of sophistication. Natural timber elements beautifully earth the light multicoloured schemes and introduce a tactile quality. We also see how to take colour down a notch by switching out sweeter accents for sandy base tones, whilst staying equally warm and welcoming.

Visualizer: Nhat Nam Studio  

Our first calmingly colourful interior is located in Nha Trang, Vietnam, with an area of 66 square metres. A sweet apricot feature wall and colour coordinated artwork rise behind a sky blue sofa. The counterbalance of cool colour against warm brings restful equilibrium to the room.

A green and blue pouf extends the sofa’s colourway further into the lounge layout.
Silver grey scatter cushions, drapes and a matching area rug calm down the room’s colour combination.

indoor plants spring up around the room, adding life and vitality.

Natural timer builds a smooth coffee table and a large media unit under the TV.

White speakers blend in with the pale wall.

Next in the open plan, we come to the dining area. A rattan dining pendant light complements the natural wooden pieces in the room.

A floating shelving unit gives the dining area a hint of colour and an attractive backdrop.

Interior doors are stripped back to bare wood to carry the natural theme through.

Green bedroom decor is mixed with wood grain and white pauses to fashion a fresh space.

Visualizer: Elemental Design  

Our next home interior features a warm family of apricot, coral and sand colour accents.

A circular shape theme rounds out the room. A unique shelf looks like artwork over the sofa, and a round coffee table set rests on a circular jute rug. An AIM pendant light trails black strings into the light palette.

The L-shaped kitchen disrupts the light room decor with a large black refrigerator. Black seated dining chairs echo the base note.

Terrazzo floor tiles and a terrazzo topped dining table bring energised pattern into the space.

Sand coloured decor cocoons the bedroom with a cosy vibe. A floating white desk emerges in the centre of the scheme, accessorised with a slick designer table lamp.

Oak closets meld with the sandy tones.

The second bedroom leans into more golden tones. A swing arm wall lamp, vanity mirror and bed runner throw in edgy black accents. A white bedroom pendant light brightens the centre of the colour dense room. See more bedroom pendant lights here.

Bespoke bedroom furniture fits into a window recess.

White closets create pause from the colour theme.

Apricot tiles and a teal vanity colour the bathroom.

Teal herringbone tiles build an elegant feature wall over a hidden cistern, and make beautiful contrast with a timber shelving unit.

Visualizer: Elemental Design  

Sandy rounded shapes paint a novel mural in our third living room.

The shape theme is inspired by original architectural arches.

Another painted section makes a backdrop for a chic lounge chair.

The last painted arch acts as backing for a column of floating shelves.

A black and gold linear suspension light makes a rich addition to a grey, tan and black dining set.

A round rug defines the eating area in the open plan.

Around the corner from the dining room, a white kitchen design communicates a minimalist aesthetic.

Black appliances coordinate with the black countertop.

Moving into the bedroom, we find a bespoke headboard design that’s cut to fit edge to edge. A minimalist pendant light swings low over a small bedside table on one side of the room, whilst a floating vanity sweeps in at the other.

Sleek white closets take on the curvaceous character of the floating vanity unit. Wooden detailing gives the wardrobes a custom look, and gives them a material link with the bed.

The next white bedroom has heavier grey elements. An illuminated headboard has been introduced to lighten the space.

Monochrome art hangs low on the wall, overlapping a sandy border around the lower third.

White and wood wardrobes furnish this bedroom too, building cohesivity through the home.

In the final bedroom, a fresh mint element has been included in the wardrobe design to make it more colourful for the youngest member of the family. A gap in the run makes way for a kid’s study area.

An entryway bench slots into a storage volume by the door.

Visualizer: Elemental Design  

Last of all, this home is a bright and uplifting space with an ingenious layout that increases usable space.

A brand new half-height TV wall has been created between the lounge and kitchen areas.

The freestanding room divider forms the core of the open plan space, with everything else revolving around it.

A coral coffee table adds a punchy piece to the lounge, which brightly complements apricot accents. Natural wood elements balance out the sweetness of the hue.

Teal kitchen cabinets make a contrasting colourful addition. The back of the TV unit holds additional storage for cooking utensils. A light countertop and white upper units help meld the media unit with the rest of the space.

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