Complete Guide for Designing Staircases

Photographer Marc Goodwin visited Barcelona for the the next instalment of his series on architects' offices around the world, shooting among others the workspace created inside a former cement factory by Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill. Goodwin, who heads up architectural photography studio Archmospheres, shot 14 workspaces around the city, including the offices of Ricardo Bofill, Office of Architecture

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Complete guidelines for designing stairs, give you examples and the best solutions for different types of stairs. Every space have need for different projects and different type of stairs. So, you have to be fairly acquainted with the characteristics for each type if you plan to make them or simply choose them. There are simple guide points that give you the general and the most appropriate dimensions that should be constant.
Complete Guide for Designing Staircases

Complete Guide for Designing Staircases

At last, see the detailed plans on the pictures below. There, you have all the symbols, cuts and examples for many types of stairs. Also, you can click the link under the pictures.


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