Custom Gypsum Board for Incredible TV Units Designs

The main design feature for Altruistic Residence centres on the fact that the lot sits on a narrow short street, the question was: how can a building on this street help make it feel better and bigger? The answer came in two folds. First, the form has to be stripped with horizontal lines to visually elongate the street and give a visual resting point amongst the neighbouring architecturally busy elevations; hence, the elevation was cladded with a pattern of wide frames. Second, the form ought to be abstracted. 

Custom gypsum boards can be used for many lovely designs in people’s homes. They are having so many ideas how would their home look like when they make their TV unit wall. Actually this element is the focal point in many homes so they are trying to make it amazing! Significant part here are gypsum boards which can take any shape people like!Custom Gypsum Board for Incredible TV Units Designs

Custom Gypsum Board for TV Units

The gallery bellow will give you several amazing ideas how would this look like and how important is to make the wall where the TV is outstanding! Enjoy the ideas and think about your wall behind TV!


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