Downhill Mansion and Its Construction

Photography by CreatAR Images   Wutopia Lab have designed the renovation of an apartment in Shanghai, China, that transformed a three bedroom and two living room interior, into an open space full of fun design elements.   Photography by CreatAR Images Inside, most of the walls were removed to allow light to travel throughout the […]

Downhill mansions are more complicated for building because of the steep terrains. Normally, there are architects and constructors who know what to do and how to build the home. Also, for building on a steep terrain you will need a bigger budget, because it asks fore more materials and machinery. The good architect can solve all of these problems. Thus, with a good plan, the owner will get maximum of the usable space, less expenses and more stability. Nowadays, there are many genius solutions for this problem.Downhill Mansion and Its Construction

Downhill Mansion and Its Construction

At last, see the sketches below. If you want more details for this topic, visit the link below.


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