Earthbag House for Environmentalists

Creative ideas for recycling the old and unwanted objects are the absolute best. Why just throwing them in the rubbish and additionally throwing money on new items. Instead, you can re-use these old item...

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Earthbag house are the perfect house for those on budget and those who want a natural house without ruining the environment. The sandbags are filled with dirt and then the wall are made from them. This is a fast way to build a house. You will have to have enough sandbags with dirt, a simple plan and a lot of enthusiasm and motivation. You should “tamp’ the bag until they are very hard and stiff. Do not forget the door and the window frames.Earthbag House for Environmentalists

Earthbag House for Environmentalists

Watch the time-lapse below and follow the process of building an interesting house like this one.


The post Earthbag House for Environmentalists appeared first on Architecture Admirers.

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