Elementary Rules for Shading Drawings

So far, the beauty was like that an object reproduces the sublimity of nature or reaches to the ideal aesthetic standard like the golden ratio. However, the contemporary art seems to keep the distance from the previous beauty. Modern architect, Adolf Loos, who said that ‘the decorations are the sins’, discussed the value of the architectural aesthetic in tune with the time. But, whenever we see high-rise buildings composing the urban concrete jungle, they just generate individual aesthetic values of the sculptures and showy images like a nightclub, they actually have no concern about the intrinsic value requested by the present day. The site is located in the centre of the Gangnam Daero and in a row of high rise office buildings. Due to the globalization of the Korean medical technology of cosmetic surgery, a new type plastic surgery hospital building that is connected with the associated medical facilities and has a total management program integrated with beauty and care is emerging in the Gangnam area.

Elementary rules should be followed in every style of drawings. Here, the artists teaches us the rules for shading in the drawings. Shadings gives the objects more dimension and more character. Thus, all of the artists can practice more to master this technique. First, you should pay attention to the hardness of the pencils. Next, you should hold the pencils the right way because you can smudge your drawing. Normally, you should be attentive for the direction of shading. Next, the gradients and contrast are important for the shape and volume. And lastly, you should be careful how you detach the pencil from the paper.Elementary Rules for Shading Drawings

Elementary Rules for Shading Drawings

See the tutorial below if you want to try the steps and rules for shading.


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