Helical Concrete Staircases

The envelope of the site
“TaoYuan Village” - The village titled "Taoyuan" is so numerous in China, since Chinese people always have a cultural complex on their hometowns from some fantasy literature, such as  "Where the forest ends, where the headwaters is; then the mountain shows", "The houses are dignified just like the extensive flat land", “No matter the aged and the young,everyone is slef-satisfied with joy”. The site of the λ house is located at a "Taoyuan" villages in the town called Shanli which in Qimen, Anhui Province. This "Taoyuan Village", originated a group family surnamed Chen that moved here since the Southern Song Dynasty. The ancestors of this family "see the beauty of the mountains and the waters, deeply loved in this land". This village hidden in the valley between two mountains, full with water sources and farmland hills, it is a gift land for living and multiply. After thousands of years, the pattern of a typical Huizhou village had been formed.

Helical staircases are also named curved staircases. These stairs connect the floors, but they are not straight. They have an arc. Normally, the spiral staircases are more impressive, and give a lot of character to the house, or some other objects. They are a perfect match for museums, public spaces, office spaces. Usually, these spiral stairs are used as the main stairs in the entrance of the building because they give an glamorous impression. The curved staircases have two rolled stringers and are attached with treads.Helical Concrete Staircases

Helical Concrete Staircases

As you can see on the pictures below, there are several types of spiral concrete staircases. Click the link below for more details.


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