herzog & de meuron-designed ‘kramlich residence’ is a home for art

a new book explores herzog & de meuron’s design of a remote residence in california’s napa valley. named after its owners, pamela and richard kramlich, the kramlich residence serves as both a home for the couple as well as a providing a dedicated space for their celebrated collection of modern art. the residence allows for a fluidity between art and private life, setting an unprecedented model for how to present and live with media art.

rotunda at pavilion level with staircase and reflective walls



published by hatje cantz, ‘the kramlich residence and collection’ features essays and conversations with historians, curators, artists, and architects, as well as new photographic commissions. each contribution in the book explores distinct experiences of the project and the new ideas generated from the intersections of architecture, nature, moving images, sound, and spaces to live and gather.

(left) gary hill | cut pipe, 1992 | video, sound, and sculpture installation | photo by catherine wagner
(right) andy warhol | the underground sundae, 1968 | broadcast commercial; 16mm color kinescope with audio | photo by catherine wagner



comprising over 200 works spanning from the 1960s to the present day, the kramlich’s collection encompasses a diverse range of media including video, film, slide and photography, as well as related sculpture, painting and drawing. its holdings include key pieces by an international group of contemporary artists, including marina abramovic, matthew barney, pierre huyghe, joan jonas, richard mosse, bruce nauman, shirin neshat, and bill viola.

matthew barney | drawing restraint 9, 2005 | polycaprolactone thermoplastic, aquaplast, and self-lubricating plastic | photo by catherine wagner



designed by herzog & de meuron and developed over the course of two decades, the residence features a crystalline pavilion that balances transparency and shelter, connected via a spiral rotunda and staircase to a series of museum-grade gallery spaces below ground. in the galleries, which are customizable to accommodate the specific needs of the range of art on view, works are viewed one-at-a-time and at a pace dictated by the works themselves, fostering thoughtful consideration of each.

william kentridge | 2nd hand reading, 2013 | flip book film from drawings on single pages of the shorter oxford english dictionary (HD video) | photo by catherine wagner



the ‘kramlich residence and collection’ chronicles the journey of the house, and the art collection it contains, through contributions from pamela and richard kramlich, jacques herzog and pierre de meuron, aebhric coleman, nicholas olsberg, nicholas serota, dara birnbaum, and lynne cooke. the book also features new photographic commissions by artists lothar baumgarten, luisa lambri, and catherine wagner.

richard mosse | the enclave, 2012-13 | six-channel video projection on six double-sided screens | photo by catherine wagner

image of the kramlich residence from the northeast, 2016 | photo by marion brenner

helix scheme | conceptual sketches for third scheme, reproduced in first meeting booklet | november 1997 | courtesy of herzog & de meuron



project info:


name: the kramlich residence and collection
publisher: hatje cantz
language: english
date: 2019
format: 292 pages, 286 illustrations / hardcover / 23.50 x 30.50 cm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-4520-8
price: 65,00 EUR

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apr 26, 2019

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