Hilarious Mistakes in the Construction

This is a guest post by Andreea Georgiana. She is a CAD enthusiast who likes using the power of Computer Aided Design to create cool useful designs, from conception to 3D printing. She has a 21-day AutoCAD course at tutorial45.com.

She says, “Being able to use Computer Aided Design software to bring your ideas [...]

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Hilarious mistakes are present in every job and can happen to every professional. But, some of those mistakes are more than funny. Due to some unknown reasons, some engineers have mistakes that cannot be explained. For example, you have the pictures in this post. You can see the not so brilliant solutions of the engineers and have a good laugh. First, you can see the lap post that goes through one of the balconies and the other lamp post that is in the middle of the road. Also, you can see the stairs that lead to the window.Hilarious Mistakes in the Construction

Hilarious Mistakes in the Construction

Have fun with these mistakes. For more, click the link below.


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