How To Enrich Interiors With Textural Decor

Textured walls bring intensity to a modern home interior, and soul of tactile depths. A textured backdrop enriches even the simplest of furniture arrangements, and adds an intriguing essence to the plainest palette. These three stylish home designs each feature a differently textured decor scheme to inspire unique spaces. We take our first tour in a cool white rendered home, where roughly brushed stucco rounds off walls, ceilings and decorative recesses to complement minimalist spaces. Smooth plaster warmly envelops our second featured home, adding complementary curves to rounded furniture silhouettes. Cool concrete wraps up the collection in a beautifully sophisticated abode laced with sleek industrial inspiration.

Visualizer: NOM Bureau  

This deeply textured interior belongs to a home located in Kyiv, Ukraine. Brushed white stucco draws the eye all the way up tall walls and onto a sloping ceiling with skylights. The additional daylight emphasises the deep texture of the render, and brightly illuminates the minimalist lounge area below.

A chic white floor lamp lightly melds with the room colour, whilst the living room pendant light cuts a sharp black accent.

The rustic coffee table draws out a long rectangle in front of the modern sofa, removing the need for additional side tables.

A modern lounge chair blunts the corner of the rug, turning into the sofa in a conversational arrangement.

A granite fireplace and log stores cut through the textured white stucco.

The tripod floor lamp serves both the sofa and a pair of modern accent chairs.

Elements all pull from a gentle, earthy colour palette of beige, greige, soft browns and wood tone, which allows texture to come to the forefront.

A boho vibe emanates from the rustic elements in the layout, like this modern rustic console table. Boho wall decor cements the theme.

A bespoke dining room pendant light has been fashioned to replicate the textural effect of the tactile wall render. The piece creates an eye-catching dome over a Scandi style dining set.

Elegant Scandi chairs add a woven element to the texture palette.

On the table, a unique modern teapot design complements its unusual surroundings.

Linen drapes pool on white washed floorboards.

The rectangle dining table runs parallel to a large, slick kitchen island. An expanse of windows opens to a picturesque panorama behind it.

Ultra sleek contemporary kitchen cabinets contrast with the rustic wall treatment and boho ceramics.

With lack of additional countertop space, both the kitchen sink and an induction hob with integrated extractor are bedded into the long kitchen island. Integrated ovens are set into full height units by the kitchen door.

A second wall of windows wraps serene green landscape views around the dining area too.

Inside the master, an upholstered bed adds cosy vibes to the raw room decor.

A glass vase
of dried flowers makes an effortlessly graceful display by one side of the bed, whilst a small side table serves with practicality at the other.

Sliding doors open up a decked bedroom terrace.

Visualizer: Bui Ni  

Exposed plaster smooths curves around our second featured home interior, which is complemented by arch decor and a welcoming curved sofa design.

The curved theme continues across to a unique kitchen design too, where a rounded peninsula is supported by a shapely hourglass leg.

A textured rug complements the tactile sofa upholstery. A trefoil marble coffee table makes a unique central focal point.

Designer armchairs flatter the room’s arch motif.

Recessed spotlights bed into the pristine plasterwork.

Decorative vases and dried botanics give height to a curvaceous console table.

A winged headboard design draws the curved aesthetic around a platform bed in the master bedroom.

A freeform rug pools around the base of the bed and runs toward a reading nook.

Floating shelves add a decorative feature to a concrete alcove.

Inverted arches hold up the bedroom TV stand. An unusual floor lamp plumes by the window.

Mosaic tiles flood the master bathroom floor.

Visualizer: Sergey Makhno Architecs  

Located in Kyiv, Ukraine, this 170 square metre private apartment was designed for a modern family who love minimalist spaces and muted natural tones. The family wished to avoid anything artificial or bright, and so a calm concrete space was born.

A round coffee table complements circular concrete wall art. Recessed perimeter lights highlight the industrial wall texture, whilst another ribbon of LED light draws a bright arch around the living room doorway.

Large format concrete tiles floor the entryway.

In contrast, walnut flooring warms the lounge. A modern fireplace flickers open flame along a raised concrete hearth.

At first glance, the dining room has a dark walnut panelled backdrop…

…However, the walnut panels are concealing doors for a modern kitchen design.

Eight deeply comfortable dining chairs surround the elegant black marble based table. More concrete floor tiles lay down a durable base for the kitchen diner area.

Back in the home entryway, an elegant vanity stool is paired with an entryway dressing table. A candle and an aromatic reed diffuser create a warm and deliciously scented welcome by the front door.

A strip light creates bright, practical lighting above the tall, custom cut vanity mirror.

Concrete tiles take on a vertical format inside of the bathroom, where they clad the shower area. Made-to-measure glass shelves slot neatly into a small nook in the shower wall to hold toiletries close to hand. A subtly situated uplighter warmly illuminates the tidy shelving arrangement.

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