Incredible Living Rooms in Mansions

  Di Tao and Bob Dodd of Toronto design studio Objects & Ideas, have crafted a modern rocking chair named ‘Wye’. The designers were inspired by the gentle curves of the Wye Marsh in southern Ontario, and their desire to challenge the traditional stiff chair perched on a curved rocking base.   The design of […]

Incredible mansions have enough space and possibilities to have some amazing elements incorporated in them. Therefore, the mansions shown in the pictures here have a sitting spaces that are called sunken pits. They are lower than the floor level, and they can have different shapes and sizes. These sitting spaces will surely turn into your favourite spot in the house because they offer comfort, lots of space and intimacy. Such sitting areas are also suitable for your outdoor spaces, next to the pool or in the backyard.Incredible Living Rooms in Mansions

Incredible Living Rooms in Mansions

Also, check the link below for more sunken pits.



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