Outlandish Concrete Dream Homes In Outlandish Settings

These outlandish concrete dream homes are set in equally outlandish settings, completely secluded as though settled on some alien planet. Designed by Shanghai and Mumbai based architect and architectural photographer Amey Kandalgaonkar, these futuristic conceptual homes are the stuff of wild imagination. We kick off the creations with a Mars crater-like dwelling on planet Earth for tech mogul Elon Musk, before moving on to a U-shaped brutalist house, a twisted desert snake house, a Madain Saleh inspired home built into a colossal boulder, a narrow concrete container house, a riverside abode with miles of exterior walkways elevated through nature, and finally finish with an imposing jenga stack of volumes in a place of blissful zen.

First, our featured designer imagines a new house for business magnate Elon Musk. The design of this new house was sparked when Elon was on his house selling spree back in May.

The extraordinary home beds down inside a colossal crater in the desert, which if not for the sporadic greenery would pass for a plot on Mars. The roof of the home resembles a great concrete ‘lid’ slid to the side of the crater, or a spacecraft that has caused the crater upon impact of the red planet surface.

A round pool and circular conversation pit echoes the ‘hole’ in the rounded roof structure, where tall mature cactuses push through. A set of curved steps go down into the pool, looking like permanent ripples across the body of water.

The alien spacecraft-like structure appears to teeter on the raised crust of Earth, overhanging the rugged landscape.

Tesla’s bulletproof electric Cybertruck navigates the off-road terrain.

Our next outlandish dream home has a U-shaped brutalist house exterior that wraps around a cliff, before bedding into the lower rock formation.

Nature provides the playground for an extreme sport loving homeowner.

The precipice overlooks an outdoor swimming pool and sundeck, which are revealed through a cut out in the house’s sweeping roof.

The rockface plays an integral part in the home interior, pushing up past a wide concrete staircase. Sunlight leaks through the chinks.

This amazing concrete house twists like a writhing desert snake.

The flatter parts of the contorted structure are utilised for a pool deck, sundecks and outdoor living spaces, whilst slopes feature colossal cutaways that bring sunlight to connective staircases.

The sides of the concrete house opens up to the outdoors, building links with exterior entertaining areas and with the majestic landscape.

Inside of the home, we can see the same raw industrial styling as the home exterior, with minimalist decor. Clear frameless glass balustrades edge the outdoor lounge, bar and decks so as not to take away from the building’s smooth composition.

Cantilevered curves dramatically overhang the uneven rock.

Structural supports rise between the gaps.

This project was inspired by the Madain Saleh rock cut architecture in Saudi Arabia. “There is a huge amount of architectural heritage laid out for us by past builders” reflects Amey. “Considering the visual complexity of the rocks at Madain Saleh, it was imperative to use simple planes and cubes in order to achieve a visual balance.”

“I tried to keep its visual impact from eye level as minimum as possible and only when observed from a bird’s eye, the real extent of the intervention is revealed” explains the designer.

Lengthy volumes tunnel through the colossal boulder, redefining a natural phenomenon.

There are two swimming pools on the property, one of which juts out from the cliff face as a glass cuboid to suspend swimmers high above the ground.

The linear concrete elements slice uncompromisingly into the rippling rock.

Long and narrow, this concrete container house nestles into a rocky valley, heading out to sea.

The ends of the concrete containers open up to the shoreline, directed toward different viewing angles of the beach and ocean.

At ground level, a terrace is built around the topaz waters of a pool, which mirrors the wider blue tide.

Cutaways in the sides of the concrete cuboids connect interior rooms with outdoor living spaces.

Flat roofs afford terraces over every level of the house, where white modern outdoor chairs lightly furnish grey slabs.

A massive staircase descends through the rock base, trailing all the way to the water’s edge.

The clean lines of modern architecture and stacked natural rock challenge one another.

Cantilevered decks, exterior walkways, and gravity defying nature trails shape an astonishing sprawling property over a wild riverside.

Metal piers stretch for miles along a steep rocky riverbank, bending in harmony with nature’s own undulations.

An ancient forest grows a fairytale backdrop behind the contemporary construction.

The upper walkway forms a continuous nature trail through the top floor of the house, threading though the shade of interior spaces and looping out to touch the trees. Domestic trees grow from enclosed terraces around the multilevel composition.

A horseshoe shaped walkway to the front of the house takes the homeowner on a stroll right out over the water.

Our final modern concrete dream home hides away in a zen green clearing by a gently meandering river.

Linear blocks contrast with the softness of the natural environment.

Towering windows climb an aspirational double height master bedroom, and an equally impressive living room.

Each part of the build is directed to absorb a different aspect of the surrounding landscape.

The approach to the property enters deep into the heart of the house.

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