Parts and Details in the Roof Constructions

Spanish practice Raúl Sánchez Architects has employed contrasting materials to carve out different zones in the open-plan living space of this apartment in Barcelona's Eixample district. The owner of the Villarroel apartment, a bachelor in his early forties, approached the locally based practice with an open renovation brief. He requesting the addition of an en-suite to his

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Parts of the roof should be in partnership with the other factors from the environment. In fact, the construction should work entirely with the nature, and use as much as possible from its energy. Thus, the roof constructions should be more than a shelter above our heads. They protect us from the rain, the snow and the wind, but also they should be planned to absorb the heat from the sun. Normally, there are different ways for constructing a roof, and it depends of the purpose of the object and its placement.Parts and Details in the Roof Constructions

Parts and Details in the Roof Constructions

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