Salami Nasrin’s Amazing Sketches

I am a child from the grassland. I don't know what is right or wrong, but I know it is the right answer, and I know more about sincerity and simplicity.------A Mu Long

Salami Nasrin has an awesome style for presenting his projects. All of the architect have different styles which make them more recognizable. Thus, Nasrin uses a very interesting way to express his ideas and to show his creativity. For these sketches, the artist used markers, crayons and fountain-pens. Here in this post you can see several of his projects. Firstly, there is the sketch for a residential building. Secondly, there is the sketch for an amazing museum and its interior.Salami Nasrin's Amazing Sketches

Salami Nasrin’s Amazing Sketches

See the sketches below and if you want more information about this architect, click the link below.


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