Sketch Tips that will Astonish You

There isn’t a home design that passes through here that doesn’t have an amazing bathroom idea that is completed with a beautiful modern vanity unit. From ultra contemporary designs with shallow glass basins and waterfall taps, to rustic wood vanities with vessel sinks and matte black faucets, we’ve seen and loved them all. It can […]

Sketch is an quick scribble, but this scribble should also impress. Lately, the architecture relies on technology, more than on the hand. But, there are awesome tips for the sketching that will simply astonish you. Thus, you would like to stop using the technology and turn back to the old fashioned way, the hand-drawing. The sketches that are drawn with hand, have more character. Normally, you can draw more details and express your ideas and style. Fortunately, the architects Reza Asgaripour and Avdieienko Heorhii-aims, have their channel on Youtube. There they make tutorials for sketching and teach us the amazing techniques.Sketch Tips that will Astonish You

Sketch Tips that will Astonish You

See the tutorial and the link below.


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