Space-Saving Small Studio Styling In Under 45 Square Metres

Smart transformations of small homes are in high demand. Studio homes are prolific in big cities, but young professionals want modern living spaces that don’t compromise on comfort. Cramped, disjointed layouts are a definite no-no, even the meanest of square footage is expected to deliver an open and airy living style with smooth flow and a chic bedroom area. We’ve picked out three of our favourite interior designs for small studios that measure less than 45 square metres. An energised yellow, wood, and grey apartment reveals a dual use workspace, a Ukranian home is characterised by soft mood lighting, and black accents embolden a beige and white backdrop.

Designer: Doaa Sabry  
Visualizer: Kareem Badie  

In the Katameya Compound, Egypt, a 45 square metre apartment is energised with a yellow decor scheme. A modern chandelier drops down in the centre of the living space, in a void between the lounge and a drop-down dining table.

With the dining table tucked away, a coffee table slides back into place beneath the chandelier, and a movie projector screen descends for viewing.

Just behind the ceiling mounted projector screen we can see a home workspace. Sliding doors are pulled open along their tracks to reveal a comfortable work desk and chair.

When the wood effect doors are pulled around, the lounge becomes a cosy place with no reminder of the daily workload.

The added space allows leg room around the pull-down dining table. Yellow and black dining chairs make a bright addition to the ingenious white table design.

Shelving towers stack at either side of the table housing.

A generously sized kitchen is located at the other end of the apartment.

More sliding doors can be pulled into place across the kitchen to hide it from view at dinner time.

The home workspace hides a bedroom in its walls. A pull down bed design replaces the desk after nightfall. The slide around doors make the bedroom more intimate.

The apartment has hidden kids’ beds too. Two bunks drop down from the wall units behind the couch in the lounge. The rest of the cabinets on the same wall are closets for the family.

Another double closet is located at the foot of the drop-down double bed.

With the kitchen doors closed, the kids’ sleeping area becomes its own separate room.

Visualizer: Nika Tokar  

Our next interior is a 45 square metre apartment located in Kyiv, Ukraine. A white, wood tone, and grey minimalist living room is characterised with soft mood lighting.

The wood encased bathroom block become a design feature, with kitchen cabinets integrated into the volume. The alternate side becomes a sleek TV wall for the lounge.

Recessed ceiling lights at the side of the lounge accentuate a ribbed gypsum wall panel. Two wall lights add brighter light nearer to the cushiony grey modern sofa.

A small side table overlaps the deep base of the sofa, perfect for serving coffee and snacks right where they are needed without cause to leave a comfy position!

A linear suspension light pulls across a round dining set at the opposite side of the apartment. The linear design causes a sharp overlap with a partially dividing bedroom wall.

The dividing wall grows out of the bed base itself, which is a bespoke platform design. The deep base acts as another room dividing device, as well as hidden storage space.

Crisp white storage cabinets line the entire wall of the lounge area, ending in a narrow shelving tower by the bed. The black shelf tower is a place for books, and a bedside cabinet.

A modern fruit bowl melds with the darkness of the black glass round dining table.

One wall of black kitchen base units stripe alongside the black dining furniture. A minimalist chimney cooker hood creates a clean aesthetic and a wider sense of space. Illuminated kitchen shelves cut above a black backsplash.

A black kitchen sink dips into the black countertop. A chrome tap shines brightly against the dark bench.

Gypsum panels texture a grey bathroom.

A grey toilet falls back against dark bathroom walls.

Studio floor plan.

Visualizer: Quadro Room  

The last stop is a 33 square metre apartment interior in Moscow, Lefortovo District. A glass vase of Pampas grass adds life to a compact lounge.

Grand artwork ignores the limitations of the space.

A modern wall light mounts smartly within beaded wall panelling.

A breakfast bar runs up to one of two huge windows in the apartment, which throw glorious natural daylight through the entire living space.

Chevron wood flooring increases the sense of space, and softly reflects the sunlight.

A unique linear suspension dips a shade down over one end of the breakfast bar.

Two kitchen bar stools stand on black metal legs that complement the black metalwork frame of the linear suspension light.

The white countertop lays crisply against beige kitchen units.

Beige, black and white build a calming colour scheme with subtle warmth.

One large vertical radiator is mounted in prime position to warm the cold air around the windows.

A modern wall sconce lights each end of the kitchen wall, a gold tap adds a luxe touch.

The same wall light design is repeated over the modern bathroom vanity.

Round gold faucets and a round vanity mirror complement the shape of the bathroom vanity light.

Gold fixtures shine richly against marble tile.

Floor plan.

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