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YingYao Sandware Museum Complex / a9architects

April 1, 2021 Yu Xin Li 0

The black sandware art inherited for 2000 years, the art and wisdom of fire and earth were passed down in Yingjing. Yingjing County Silk Road Shadu Complex Project is a strategic measure to build a “National Eco-cultural Tourism Integration Development Pilot Zone and a National Comprehensive Tourism Demonstration Zone” in Ya’an City under the background of this new era. Surrounding the core resources of black sand intangible cultural heritage, the design built a unique cultural tourism brand in the region.

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Ibexmuseum St. Leonhrard / Atelier Köberl

March 24, 2021 Paula Pintos 0

In a narrow valley in the Austrian alps, it was decided to build a small museum to tell the story of the extermination and the process of reintroduction of the ibex in this region. The indoor exhibition is completed with an outdoor enclosure for seven ibexes.

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Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp / KAAN Architecten

March 4, 2021 Paula Pintos 0

After winning an international competition in 2003 commissioned by the Flemish Government, Dutch architecture office KAAN Architecten has worked intensively on the complex masterplan, renovation, and extension of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp bringing contemporary allure to a glorious, overlooked beauty of the 19th century. 

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Renovation of Castle Grad / ARREA architecture

February 22, 2021 Paula Pintos 0

Castle Grad is one of the biggest castles in Slovenia. It lies in the northeastern part of the country and is very well connected with both neighbouring countries Austria and Hungary. It is a huge structure. Legend says it has 365 rooms, equal to 365 days of the year in three storeys developed around a central two-level courtyard. 

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Kuopio Museum / Architects Davidsson Tarkela

February 17, 2021 Andreas Luco 0

This extension functionally and programmatically connects the existing Kuopio Museum of Cultural History, the Museum of Natural History, and the library. The Design is based on a reflection of urban structure and cityscape combined with specific building preservation and functionality questions. The objectives of the project’s diverse starting points are embodied in the new museum extension. The new part forms a gate – the entrance to a new kind of museum and cultural complex. The Kuopio Museum is a historically listed building designed by J. V. Strömberg and was completed in 1907. To restore it to its original character, the fire department wing from the 1960s was demolished.

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Museo Oliva Artés / BAAS Arquitectura

February 9, 2021 Valeria Silva 0

The recovery and transformation of an old industrial building from 1920 into a museum, highlighting its special configuration in three naves and its interior textures, adding new layers that adapt it to the new use. The Oliva Artés industrial building was to be demolished in 2008 in the context of the new construction of the Central Park of Poble Nou, which planned to cut the continuity of the historic Pere IV street to which the building is closely linked. A few days before the entry of the excavators a neighbourhood association dedicated to the industrial heritage of Poble Nou convinced the City Council of the need to preserve the building, which at that time was in a state of structural ruin.

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The Burke Museum / Olson Kundig

January 28, 2021 Pilar Caballero 0

The Burke Museum is the oldest public museum in Washington State with a collection of over 16 million artifacts and specimens, ranging from totem poles and gemstones to dinosaur fossils. Because the Burke’s collection is so wide-ranging and continues to grow – it is a collecting museum – the new building needed to serve as a coherent, effective container that would allow for flexibility over time. The building’s rational scheme holds the complexity of the Burke’s activities and collections, both now and into the future.