Transform Your Home with Wooden Walls

Simple linetypes allow you to apply a repeating series of dashes, dots, and spaces to your objects. Complex linetypes can also include text or shapes.

Recently, a reader said that his linetype was defined as dash-dot but displayed as a continuous linetype. If you have this situation, zoom in and see if you can see [...]

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Transform your home with this genius idea! Wooden walls will give your home an artistic touch and they will totally elevate your space on a different level. Generally, all the wooden details in the home, give the space more warm and more natural look. Thus, the bigger the wooden detail, the better the effects. These wooden walls give you the possibility to experiment with the arrangements, the hue, the shape and the size. Normally, they can be differently placed and they can be combined with lights. Also, there can be incorporated shelves and other ornaments.Transform Your Home with Wooden Walls

Transform Your Home with Wooden Walls

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