Treads and Risers for Staircases

After David Adjaye's African American history museum was named Design of the Year, we've trawled our Pinterest boards to find more museums with impressive interiors, from a subterranean Roman temple to a restored textile factory. Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, USA by David Adjaye The interior of Adjaye's museum is crafted from pre-cast concrete, timber

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Treads and risers are an important part of the staircases. However, they are counted as an inherent part of the stairs. A tread is the horizontal part of the stair where we put our feet when we walk on them. Usually, there is a generally accepted dept of the tread and it is 9 inches as a minimum. Risers are the vertical part of the steps. They can be open tread stairs or closed tread stairs. Their maximal height should be 8 inches. There are many ways how to connect a tread and a riser (nailed, blocked, glued or joined).Treads and Risers for Staircases

Treads and Risers for Staircases

Finally, watch the tutorial below and learn the calculations.


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