Urbanism and Architecture: What to Choose?

On the 4th of February, Minneapolis will host the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles for the 52nd Super Bowl. With over 100 million people expected to watch the game this Sunday, all eyes will be on the city of Minneapolis—a city known for not allowing the harsh climate get in the way of their celebrations—and the brand new US Bank Stadium, where a huge permanent roof will ensure that, come rain, shine, or snow, Minneapolitans will have a space to gather and enjoy themselves.

Urbanism deals with the development and planning of cities and towns. This can be described as the placemaking and the creations of place identities. Generally, when the cities started to grow, there was need for more planning and better infrastructure. If you are an architect, you should always take into consideration the urban part of the city. The architects have a great role in the urbanization of their home towns because they are those who should follow the general picture and surroundings. So, if you have chosen these to be your professional career, you will be an important person for your environment.Urbanism and Architecture: What to Choose?

Urbanism and Architecture: What to Choose?

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