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Hilltop Gallery / dEEP Architects

September 30, 2018 韩爽 - HAN Shuang 0

Hilltop Gallery locates on Yanshan Mountains bordering Beijing and Chengde, where there is a perfect view to Jinshanling Great wall. With 1500㎡ construction area and 2600㎡ floor area, the building not only functions as an art gallery and venue for related cultural projects, but also a reception, dining and exhibition area for Phonenix Valley project.

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Nulla Vale House and Shed / MRTN Architects

September 30, 2018 Daniel Tapia 0

To reach Nulla Vale you continue driving past Tullamarine Airport for an hour. Just past the airport the landscape changes from tract housing to pastoral land and small rural communities. Dotted along the drive are old agricultural outbuildings and early settler dwellings. Simple structures, almost primitive, that are part of the landscape. Nostalgia for this connection between land and building was the guiding principle for our Nulla Vale House and Shed.

tadao ando-designed ‘wrightwood 659’ art space set to open in chicago

September 30, 2018 macnadusa 0

a new art space designed by pritzker laureate tadao ando is set to open in the city of chicago on october 12, 2018, with an inaugural show dedicated to the japanese architect and le corbusier. ‘wrightwood 659’ is a new venue devoted to exhibitions on architecture and socially engaged art, and occupies a 1920s building in […]

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Renovation of Auditorium in North Campus, Central Academy of Fine Arts / Yu Yang · CAFA

September 30, 2018 韩爽 - HAN Shuang 0

Auditorium in North Campus was originally used as a lecture hall. The renovation is designed to expand the space and improve the quality of the equipment, which will be used to host international conferences, and to serve as the student activity center. In the traditional concept, auditorium symbolizes sense of honor and order, which presents introverted and stylized stability. However, based on the current open and flexible teaching atmosphere of college, we define the auditorium as a part of the public space of the campus, and make it a diversified interactive place for campus activities, academic exchanges, assemblies and so on.

Habitas Tulum boutique hotel offers beachfront and hidden jungle rooms

September 30, 2018 Bridget Cogley 0

A steel and glass structure in the jungle forms the centrepiece of this nature retreat in Tulum, contrasting the thatched accommodation that faces the Caribbean sea. Located on an acre of land with a private beach, the Habitas Tulum hotel was created by the hospitality group of the same name. The flagship property for its

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AD Classics: Azadi Tower / Hossein Amanat

September 30, 2018 David Douglass-Jaimes 0

Commissioned to celebrate the 2500th anniversary of the Persian Empire, the Azadi Tower has been a site of celebration, unrest, and revolution. Despite its association with the deposed Shah, the tower has been embraced as a national symbol of Iran, playing host to both pro- and anti-government demonstrations, following the controversial 2009 Presidential elections.

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FILMATICA: The Mexican Studio that Explores Architecture and Cinematography

September 30, 2018 Mónica Arellano 0

Founded by Juan Benavides in 2014, FILMATICA is an architectural film studio dedicated to making videos with a curatorial focus. The selection of projects is carried out in order to empathize with the formal interests of the studio, responding to aesthetic spatial conditions surrounded by powerful landscapes. With this in mind, FILMATICA makes a series of narratives that highlight architecture, time, movement, and our journey through the world. Below, a compilation of videos of contemporary architectural works narrated through the lens of Juan Benavides and the FILMATICA team.