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Archdaily Brasil Wins the FNA 2022 Prize

December 5, 2022 ArchDaily Team 0

On November 26, ArchDaily Brasil received the FNA 2022 Award (Prêmio FNA), a prize that recognizes initiatives in favor of architecture and Brazilian cities. In its 5th edition, the award was presented during the 46th National Meeting of Architects and Urbanists Unions (46th ENSA), in Brasilia, and recognized the non-profit organization Comunidades Catalisadoras (ComCat) and the Fab Social project as well. On the same occasion, the architect, teacher, and activist Cláudia Teresa Pereira Pires was awarded the Architect and Urban Planner of the Year Prize.

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Artificial Lighting Tips to Improve the Kitchen Space

December 2, 2022 ArchDaily Team 0

Over time, the kitchen has ceased to be considered only as a workspace and became a meeting and leisure area. For many, it is the heart of the home. Therefore, it is necessary to design an ambiance that can help when preparing dishes and also bring comfort during a gathering with friends and family.

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7 Brazilian Country Houses and Their Strategies for Comfort and Sustainability

December 1, 2022 ArchDaily Team 0

Country houses usually are found in remote areas, therefore, they often demand placement strategies that respect the context and dialogue with the landscape while bringing more thermal comfort and natural lighting. Most of the time, these solutions bring passive strategies that, along with the choice of materials and construction techniques, can provide an even more sustainable project. Get to know seven Brazilian residences that are examples of this theme.

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“Scenes From The Near Future”: An Exhibition That Explores the Future of Houses

November 26, 2022 ArchDaily Team 0

One hundred years ago, design and architecture professionals of the Bauhaus and the modern movement broke with the traditional concept of housing, proposing new ways of building, distributing its spaces and furnishing it. Although many of their aesthetic and constructive approaches have had a great impact and development in the field of design since then, society, however, has gone at a different speed when it comes to adopting certain models of domestic space to which these movements opened the door. Since then, housing has been in constant revision, reformulation and even experimentation, having had a profound interest in design for most of the most important design and architecture professionals of the twentieth century, and so far in the twenty-first.

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15 Inspiring Washroom Ideas

November 25, 2022 ArchDaily Team 0

The washroom is a space often used by visitors. It can be the first impression one has of its owners. As small areas are usually the most difficult to innovate in an interior project, we have gathered some creative examples of this room.

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Different Types of Windows and How to Use Them

November 21, 2022 ArchDaily Team 0

An indispensable item, windows are fundamental to bringing more comfort to a room. Besides the desired connection between the interior and exterior, it is through their openings that it is possible to provide natural lighting and ventilation to the rooms.

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Tatiana Bilbao Designs Installation for MECCA Commission X NGV Women in Design 2022

November 17, 2022 ArchDaily Team 0

The inaugural MECCA x NGV Women in Design Commission opened on the 6th of October, 2022, unveiling a large-scale installation by Mexican architect Tatiana Bilbao, who explores the concept of clothing as a symbol of protection and the associated practices of domestic labor, gender, and community. The MECCA x NGV Women in Design Commission is an annual series that invites an international female designer or architect to create a significant new space for the NGV Collection. As the first and only initiative of its kind in Australia, the Commission will create a platform for the presentation of world-premiere topical works that amplify the contribution of women designers and architects.