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House with One Wall / Christian Kerez

May 23, 2020 Karen Valenzuela 0

A two-family house is a building with a wall that divides it into two halves. The dividing wall is the only wall in the entire house. It cannot be crossed anywhere. It has to fulfil functions conventionally assigned to several architectural elements. It is the loadbearing structure and the installation core, its folds define all of the rooms and it determines how the view from the entirely glazed building is divided between the two living units.

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Afsharian’s House / ReNa Design

May 20, 2020 Karen Valenzuela 0

Today’s house, tomorrow’s apartment…Architects designed houses, which are categorized as artistic and cultural works of art, may morphologically be compared with real, abstract and conceptual paintings or even love stories.

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House in Byoubugaura / Takeshi Hosaka Architects

May 17, 2020 Karen Valenzuela 0

A house with a basement and two floors above ground was planned in a residential area in Yokohama, which is characterized by rolling hills. The 60-square meter site is sandwiched by existing houses to the south and the north. On the east side, the site faces a 3m-tall retaining wall. In these ways, the site at first looked like it was buried by the surroundings.

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Shonan Christ Church / Takeshi Hosaka Architects

April 18, 2020 Karen Valenzuela 0

A protestant church is standing at a rich green residential area at a 10-minute walk from the Shonan beach. The meetinghouse of the 50-year old church became too small and it came to a decision that a new church would be constructed on a new site. People related to the church said, “We wish to have a chapel appropriate to give praise to the Lord. “The words of the Bible are read, and heard in service.