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Studhorse / Olson Kundig Architects

March 14, 2020 Karen Valenzuela 0

The sixty-mile-long glacial Methow Valley, in the northern Cascades of Washington state, is a special landscape, with a climate that ranges from hot, fire-prone summers to winters with heavy snow pack. It’s a true four-season landscape—the landscape I grew up in. Our clients wanted to build a second home here that would be a kind of adventure home for them and their kids. They are great parents and always undertaking adventures as a mindful, deliberate way of developing memories as a family.

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Hans & Delphine / Atelier Vens Vanbelle

March 13, 2020 Karen Valenzuela 0

Hans and Delphine dreamed of a new kitchen, a new bathroom, and an airier and more open house. Hans wanted to read his newspaper in the sunlight, Delphine wanted a big garden. In order to comply with this wish, there was made a construction which feels like an extension of the garden.

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INOUT House / Joan Puigcorbé

March 9, 2020 Karen Valenzuela 0

This house establishes an uninterrupted ̈inside-outside ̈ relationship; a sequence of layers between the open and the intermediary. Frontal boundaries are blurred by sheets of glass and vegetation, framed by two horizontal planes, floor and ceiling, where the full and the void are related via a series of matter, water, vegetation and sky. Lateral boundaries establish the ̈full-void ̈ relationship via a series of solid materials that close transversal views.