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SawMill House / Archier Studio

March 30, 2021 Karen Valenzuela 0

The Sawmill House uses large reclaimed one tonne blocks of reclaimed concrete which anchor it into the landscape and a dynamic active building envelope to regulate the internal environment. The dwelling is a hand crafted upgrade from an existing rather rustic, bohemian abode, befitting a regionally based sculptor.

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Eaves Around House / y+M design office

January 24, 2021 Karen Valenzuela 0

The house is for a family of four, married couple and their children. Their parents’ house is located on the north side of their ground. So we arranged their low-rise house on the south side. The arrangement provides an open space which ensures adequate insolation and ventilation against the parents’ house. The open space is also used for easy communication with the parents and it keeps good relation among them.

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Sayama Lakeside Cemetery Community Hall / Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP

July 18, 2020 Karen Valenzuela 0

This cemetery is located in the lush forests of the Sayama hills. The community hall stands midway on a slope above a city. The site enjoys excellent views, but we sought not to open the building fully to its scenery nor, for that matter, to entirely close it. Rather, we wanted to create a space that, while open, would have a degree of closure. To this end, we gathered the service-related rooms in a central, reinforced-concrete core and arranged the visitor lounge and dining rooms around the core on a circular plan open to the exterior.