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OCT · Vanke Waterfront City, the Floating Pier / Nordic Office of Architecture

June 1, 2020 Collin Chen 0

The project is located next to the Elephant Lake Wetland Park, which is representative of the natural landscape of Nanchang. The Elephant Lake Wetland Park provides a quality natural site base for the project and the overall design was inspired by these natural qualities. The design concept of the architecture is not only to see the wetland as a “view” of the surrounding area, but also to bring its natural qualities into the project, creating a spatial experience where the building and the landscape blending together. The design consists of three natural elements, water, earth and sky, corresponding to three functional areas: the front square, the commercial facilities and the observation tower.

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Half Space / Y.AN DESIGN

May 30, 2020 Collin Chen 0

Since the Reform and Opening-up, a “third-generation” living type has appeared in rural areas of southern Zhejiang province, which has formed a unique local landscape of 5-storey residential buildings with narrow width and long depth. The style of multiple-storey and narrow-width has isolated each storey, homogenized functions, and reduced spatial interactions. Besides, the limited number of family members has led to a waste of the top storey in the house or even all high stories in the residential buildings.

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Rethinking the Collective / Rural Urban Framework, The University of Hong Kong

May 28, 2020 Collin Chen 0

Over a 1000 years ago, large introverted earthen buildings (tulous) of the Hakka culture emerged in southern China in a fiercely combative culture. Extended families built thick earthen walls for collective defence, while maintaining a shared open space for farming activities in the centre. Each family in the traditional tulou live in a vertical section of rooms, accessed through a shared corridor and balcony. Thus, the building establishes a specific relationship between a number of individual spaces and a collective space.

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LaiHui Coffee, Jiaoyu Road / Anson Design

May 26, 2020 Collin Chen 0

Most of the coffee space in the city is limited to drink coffee, lacking the experience process.In this project, the new space consumption form is adjusted to separate the coffee production area from the consumption area, and the guest is less affected by the sound of the machine operated by the barista.According to the conditions of the original building, Open the partial floor slab of the first and second floors to allow the space to form a mutual relationship, The use of the second floor sloping roof to create different dimensions of space, creating that is open and private environmental relations.Besides we try to use different materials of the same color: Ceramic tile,skin, aluminum plate, paint, through the light-transmitting projection, there is weak color block changes slightly.

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Fnji New Office / Fnji Interior Design

May 25, 2020 Collin Chen 0

The interior design of Fnji’s new office had undergone four months of revisions and optimizations before it was finished. FNJIer were all pleasantly surprised by the “new home” when the long list of requirements and expectations were met one by one. Though nearly three months have passed since the construction was completed, we are not in a hurry to publicize or to “define” the new office. We want everyone working in Fnji to be here and interact with the environment, so that the space would become a new office really belonging to Fnji.

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The Post Anthropocene: JOA’s Exhibition Envision Life in Hard Future

May 24, 2020 Collin Chen 0

JOA is honoured to participate in the 2019 Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture (Shenzhen). We have always taken the research led perspective as the starting point of the design, trying to discuss the story behind the architecture in greater depth, and present it to the public through the exhibition. Our understanding of the future world is more based on the perspective of architecture rather than sci-fi movies. The premise of envisioning the future is actually to discuss the current social pain points, and then come up with critical reflections in a future dimension, which we call “The Post Anthropocene” project.

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HEYTEA Store at the Mixc / DAS Lab

May 21, 2020 Collin Chen 0

Human DNA is a dynamic structure composed of two strands that coil around each other. From microcells to the macro world, it’s such a cycle that enables the continuation of human life and spirit. It also explains the existence of crop circle, vortex, and galaxy, where the inward spiral movement leads to the reconstruction of outward order. How to reinterpret this phenomenon through space and to think outside the box of contemporary art has become a new theme that DAS Lab and HEYTEA work to explore.

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Living Area for Teachers and Students of USST / TJAD

May 18, 2020 Collin Chen 0

The new campus construction project of Shanghai University of science and technology is one of the major projects in Shanghai launched in 2012. The living area for teachers and students is located in the University of science and technology, which is an important part of the project. It provides the university with living service facilities such as accommodation, catering, leisure activities, foreign exchange, etc.