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Product Of The Week: Awesome Globes That Rotate By Themselves

September 22, 2019 HD Staff 0

These beautiful globes from Mova Globes, rotate by themselves without the need for any messy cords or batteries. They are powered by light. You don’t even need to have a stand for them if you don’t want to. The outer layer is made of a transparent material and the inner sphere just keeps on spinning […]

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Luxury Modern Interior With Unified Wood Clad Decor

September 20, 2019 HD Staff 0

Sophisticated walnut wall panels, recessed lighting tracks & perimeter light installations, luxurious black marble volumes and high end furniture make up this modern home interior. The upscale contemporary apartment, visualised by MONO Architects is a grownups only kind of place, where sticky fingers would cause havoc on tinted glass walls, and should steer clear of […]

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Luxury Apartment With An Industrial Vibe And A Cool Hallway [With Floor Plans]

September 19, 2019 HD Staff 0

A conceptual interior, designed by Alexander Senchugov & Evgenia Aborina, was revised when two existing apartments were combined to make a new 265 square meter abode. The designers altered their previous sketches to create an even more spacious and luxurious apartment interior, which hums with a cool industrial current. The open plan living room has […]

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51 Tufted Sofas that Make Everyday Comfort Look Extraordinary

September 18, 2019 HD Staff 0

Luxurious tufted cushions are as timeless as they are comfortable – always an instant upgrade to any sofa or seating arrangement. This post showcases 51 tufted sofas you can buy right now, each one offering its own distinctive look to suit a wide range of interior styles. Are you looking for something traditional? Try a […]

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Incredible LA Mansion With Views Of The Ocean And Downtown

September 16, 2019 HD Staff 0

As well as boasting incredible 180 degree views from the Ocean to Downtown LA, this 18,850 square foot house exhibits magnificent AIA award-winning modern design. The Orum House, created by famed architect Zoltan Pali, stands on a 1.6 acre lot with a large swimming pool, plus 6,000 square feet of covered terraces and outdoor decks […]

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3 Interiors Whack Up the Heat With Red Accents On Grey

September 13, 2019 HD Staff 0

Get ready for plenty of inspiration for red accents on grey decor as we tour around these three modern home interiors. Kicking things off is a modern loft where a rouge sofa reins in an open plan living area, and vibrant red accents flash across a white and grey bedroom scheme. We’ll move next to […]

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Warm Tone Interior Design: A Design Guide With 3 Examples

September 12, 2019 HD Staff 0

Red tones, oranges, yellows, earthy neutrals, and even gold all fall toward the warm side of the colour wheel. Even just the mere sight of this family of hues can make us feel warmer ourselves; they remind us of firelight, sunshine and sandy beaches. Warm colours have the power to make a room feel more […]

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A Creative Home Design With A Mix Of Modern Styles

September 11, 2019 HD Staff 0

A unique home, designed and visualised by York Architects, exhibits an interesting mix of modern styles. Beginning with the living room, we’re welcomed into a cosy situation that’s decorated in olive green and warm terracotta colours, and a deeply patterned rug. In contrast, the adjoined kitchen diner is a crisp white and minimalist affair that’s […]