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Product Of The Week: UFO LED Night Light

August 7, 2022 HD Staff 0

Science-fiction fans and UFO chasers can dream of being beamed aboard by the glow of this UFO LED Night Light with 3 lighting modes. Get it here. Recommended Reading:  50 Unique Table Lamps That Help You Lighten Up Your Interior

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Turn Up The Fun Factor With Orange Interior Design

August 5, 2022 HD Staff 0

Can you ever feel glum in an orange home interior? We think not. Vibrant orange accents turn up the fun factor in a home, making bright and inviting spaces. Orange decor exudes warmth and confidence that transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. We’ve brought together a collection of five orange-splashed interiors to inspire you on […]

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Bright Modern Interiors Connected By Green Accents

August 4, 2022 HD Staff 0

Made characterful with colour, these three modern home designs are bright and bold. Whilst each one communicates a very different aesthetic, all are connected by green accents. The green elements conjure a revitalising essence that feels close to nature. Our first featured tour is a scene of creative contrast. Clashing colours make a vibrant setting […]

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A Rustic Neoclassical Interior Filled With Character

August 3, 2022 HD Staff 0

Impressive in stature, chic in detail, and exuding elegance with arches, this interior design has all elements that make for a stunning neoclassical design. However, there is a twist. This neoclassical home design is also filled with characterful rustic accents in raw timber form. These bold rustic interludes disrupt the formality of the classical backdrop, […]

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51 Upholstered Headboards to Give Your Bedroom a Big Comfort Upgrade

August 2, 2022 HD Staff 0

What could be better than winding down the day with a great book, snuggled up against a plush upholstered headboard? But the advantages of an upholstered headboard don’t just stop with comfort. Headboards occupy an especially prominent placement within most bedrooms which means that a new headboard can completely change the look of your space […]

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A Calm And Meditative Australian Beach House [Video]

August 1, 2022 HD Staff 0

Set back from the beach, just beyond the privacy of a lush thicket, stands a modern beach house on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia. Created by Shaun Lockyer Architects, Arakoon is a commanding oceanfront house with three levels, which bed into the coastal dunes beside Noosa National Park. The stone and concrete home design […]

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Product Of The Week: Rechargeable LED Lamp

July 30, 2022 HD Staff 0

If you’re a fan of multifunction, you’ll appreciate this rechargeable LED lamp that transforms from a desk lamp to a wall sconce, and to an emergency flashlight. Get it here. Recommended Reading:  50 Uniquely Cool Bedside Table Lamps That Add Ambience To Your Sleeping Space

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Blissful Interiors With Boho Notes And Travertine Accents

July 29, 2022 HD Staff 0

Elegance exudes from these two tasteful examples of modern home design. Chic and alluring in their light-filled refinement they are also welcoming spaces thanks to an infusion of earthy boho-inspired elements. Handmade ceramics, rustic accent furniture, naturalistic pendant lights, and boho rugs introduce relaxed pauses between the high-end larger pieces. These warm natural elements are […]

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The Electric Effects Of Colour In Dark Spaces

July 28, 2022 HD Staff 0

Dark spaces set a strong image with a heavy mood. They appear dramatic and serious, cool and confident. So, what happens when you inject a little colour… Or a lot? These two modern home designs explore the combination of colourful brights in dark spaces, showing how to hit the balance just right. Our first home […]