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Architecturally Inspired Mid Century Modern Style Bird Houses

May 29, 2020 HD Staff 0

From Eichler and Bauhaus, to Frank Lloyd Wright, these stylish little birdhouses embody the cool mid century modern architectural style. Designed by Douglas Barnhard, these pieces are handmade with bamboo plywood, teak, and reclaimed redwood. High-end glossy laminates bring slick grey and white finishes, plus flashes of vibrant orange and green. You’ll never be content […]

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Stacked Luxury Home Design On Cape Town’s Atlantic Seaboard

May 28, 2020 HD Staff 0

Set in the scenic beauty of Clifton, on Cape Town’s Atlantic Seaboard, this 789 square metre home occupies a position on the hill side. Higher situated residences climb to the right, and lower lying houses to the left, in a neighbourhood shaped by fortress-like boundary walls and building mass. Malan Vorster Architects decided to ring […]

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Taking Pink And Purple Interior Design From Sublime To Outrageous!

May 27, 2020 HD Staff 0

This set of four unique home interiors take pink and purple interior design from the sublime to the outrageous! You’ll find all that you could possibly need to color an intense interior design right here. These unique home tours feature pink kitchens, color block sofas, a solid purple kitchen island, vivid purple mood lighting, striking […]

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51 Leather Sofas To Add Effortless Refinement To Any Home

May 26, 2020 HD Staff 0

From mornings with kids watching cartoons to nights enjoying cocktails and conversation, our sofas undoubtedly get a lot of use. So how do you pick a sofa that is versatile enough for everyday use and stylish enough to wow guests? Try a leather sofa. Leather sofas feature an easy clean surface that protects from stains […]

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Copper Infused Industrial Style Home

May 25, 2020 HD Staff 0

Exposed brickwork and raw timber elements shape an industrial style living space, which receives a warming metallic infusion of rich copper accents. The unique home interior, designed by Ira Lysiuk, is a spacious and impressively lofty abode where modern furniture creates an uncomplicated and minimalistic approach. The architecture itself presents a circular motif, which inspires […]

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Welcoming White, Grey And Wood Interiors

May 22, 2020 HD Staff 0

Presenting two modern white, grey and wood interiors, each with wonderfully welcoming vibes that make you want to wander right in and stay a while. These are homes with simple comforts in mind. Colour is calming, furniture is minimal. There is nothing overcomplicated to distract the eye and exhaust the mind yet there is a […]

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Award Winning Home Interior With Suspended Bedrooms

May 21, 2020 HD Staff 0

The engineering team put 300 days of difficult trials into the construction process of this imaginative space, designed by SOAR Design Studio. The team worked with the owners of the property to complete a house with a unique flair. The piece went on to win the 2019 Japan Good Design Award, operated by the Japan […]

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Single Bedroom Apartments Under 90sqm With Popping Blue Accents

May 20, 2020 HD Staff 0

Blue accents seem to transcend trends in decor. These two modern homes have been accented with blue hues on the brighter side of the spectrum to pick up the pace on white and pale grey neutrals. The energised blue accents shape chic yet edgy living rooms, accented with quirky art and unusual furniture pieces. We […]

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51 Rugs that are Brimming with Coziness and Textural Appeal

May 19, 2020 HD Staff 0

Looking for a simple and affordable addition to your home that has a big impact? An area rug may be just what you need. A rug is the perfect accessory not just to keep your feet off the cold floor, but also to add a layer of visual warmth and texture to your interior design. […]