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Formafatal uses glass and light to denote treatment zones in Prague spa

July 7, 2022 Alice Laycock 0
Blue-lit area in spa with ceiling and lighting above

Curved cement-screed walls with embedded rows of vertical glass bars characterise this spa in Prague designed by local studio Formafatal. The Cellularium spa is located in the Institute of Natural Medicine, where it occupies one curved corner of a floor in the Main Point Pankrac building, which has a glazed exterior broken up by vertical

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EHDD Launches EPIC, a Web-Based Tool for Planning Climate Positive Buildings

July 7, 2022 Maria-Cristina Florian 0

EHDD has recently launched the Early-Phase Integrated Carbon (EPIC) Assessment tool, a free new web-based application developed to designers set goals and strategies to reduce carbon emissions from building and construction projects. The tool aims to fill a gap in the life-cycle assessment process and allow designers to identify the most impactful measures early in the project process. At the same time, other resources like Tally and EC3 are seen as crucial later in the design.

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Mexican Interiors: 46 Dining Spaces in Houses and Flats

July 7, 2022 Mónica Arellano 0

Over the years, interior design has evolved according to the needs that arise, but above all according to the experiences it seeks to evoke in the user. In the last two years we have witnessed a radical change and a special interest in this subject because the pandemic forced us to pay specific attention to the configuration of the places we inhabit. This has brought about much more holistic designs that seek to address the wellbeing of the user, combining colours, sensory experiences, technology and natural elements that promote health.

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What Is the Environmental Impact of Each Building Material?

July 7, 2022 Eduardo Souza 0

Food pyramids are familiar to all of us. They are visual guides that show us the proportions of foods that we should supposedly eat on a daily basis, in order to stay healthy. Composed of a series of layers with different food types–such as grains, flour, fats, vegetables, and others–, at the base are the foods that should be consumed in larger quantities. Towards the top, each layer becomes successively smaller, indicating the foods that are meant to be ingested rarely. The pyramid can vary according to countries and cultures, but its main purpose is always to provide a guide for a balanced life. There are no prohibitions, but it does indicate some foods that should be consumed with caution because of their impacts on our health.

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The Gardens Care Home / Marge Arkitekter

July 7, 2022 Andreas Luco 0

The design for “Gardens” has its background in contemporary research that indicates elderly people’s well-being in care centers is strongly correlated with attractive green outdoor environments and social interaction. Therefore, important parameters in our spatial design were to arrange comfortable homes for the elderly with easy access to their own gardens, outdoor spaces, and shared facilities.

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ТАЮ Ice Cream Shop / Sivak+Partners Studio

July 7, 2022 Luciana Pejić 0

The gelateria had been open in Odessa for a couple of weeks and it was closed and the windows were boarded up. We didn’t know for a long time if it would ever reopen. “ТАЮ” translates from Ukrainian as “I’m melting,” and the menu only includes ice cream and juices. We were looking for a simple solution, simple materials, and one clear idea that would create and unite the whole interior. 

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Cascading House / Tamara Wibowo Architects

July 7, 2022 Pilar Caballero 0

Hidden behind several mature trees around the site, an unassuming concrete house nestled behind a long row of vertical wooden fence configuration.  It is not easy to see the house on the street level because the house follows the topography of the street. The difference between the highest level of the street to the lowest level of the street is five meter, while the land of the house has a difference of three meters. Instead of making itself stands out from the site, the house appropriates itself to blend in with the topography of the site thus the term cascading house fits with the way the house physically arranged and thus experienced.