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Mas d’Enric Penitentiary / AiB estudi d’arquitectes + Estudi PSP Arquitectura

July 10, 2020 Jonathan Alarcón 0

The prison is an uncomfortable institution and its architecture is often subjugated to technocratic criteria. This servility forces the prison out of the sociocultural realm where it belongs, thus erasing it from public discourse. The invisibility of the penitentiary as an institution demonstrates an unresolved contradiction underlying contemporary society. We intend to explore this contradiction through architecture. A prison must respond to the demand for discipline (confinement) and liberty (reinsertion) at the same time. Within this complex framework, architecture can make use of its ability to synthetically articulate problems that seem contradictory to become an active agent in resolving the paradox of the contemporary penitentiary. Based on our experience with the Mas d’Enric penitentiary, we claim the prison as an object of critical design and we reclaim architecture’s role in multiplying possibilities as opposed to limiting them.

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The Protective Shelter of Locality 1 Archaeological Site of Zhoukoudian Peking Man Cave / THAD

July 10, 2020 Collin Chen 0

According to the data analysis of a 20years long monitoring work, the Locality 1Archaeological Site of Zhoukoudian has been threatened by severe hazards as wind and rain erosions, weathering, crumbling and instability, etc. After the severe rain storm on 21st July 2012, water catchment was discovered at the bottom and the west section of the cave and soon disappeared. Through geophysical prospecting, large fissures and fracture zones were found at the bottom of the cave, which endangered the overall stability of the site.

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Secret Bar / Atelier xy

July 10, 2020 罗靖琳 - Jinglin Luo 0

Located in Shanghai’s former French Concession, Atelier xy was tasked with designing the interior of a bar in the heart of Shanghai. Many shops and restaurants line the hustle and bustle of the adjacent street. To enter, guests walk up the stairs through a long and dark corridor, which acts as a transition between the noisy exterior and the quiet interior. Once the reception is reached, the unique character of this place slowly reveals itself.

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Renovated Montreal house by Atelier Barda contrasts black and white

July 10, 2020 Kristine Klein 0

Black furniture provides a stark contrast to the white interior of this Montreal residence, which has been overhauled by local architecture studio Atelier Barda. Atelier Barda’s Portland Residence project involved adding an extension to the rear of a historic stone house located in Montreal suburb Mount-Royal, and reconfiguring the floor plan to improve the flow

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Black Perch House / Vastu Shilpa Consultants

July 10, 2020 Hana Abdel 0

Black Perch is the extension and refurbishment of an existing, 40 year old bungalow, located in a tight urban fabric, using most of the permissible ground cover before the extension was added.  As no other space was available, the extension is placed on top of the existing, split level building. It adds a large living room with a kitchenette and a study cum guest room to the top of the house.  All spaces overlook a large open to sky courtyard, which steps down the existing sloping roof.

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Public Park in Tlalnepantla / PRODUCTORA

July 10, 2020 Clara Ott 0

The Project is located at the El Tenayo Housing Unit area, in the Municipality of Tlalnepantla de Baz. The proposal consists of the rehabilitation of a large existing ridge, which worked as open public space. The intervention proposes a set of 9 squares, each measuring 20 x 20 m, which are arranged on the plot, following the existing topography. Each of the squares contains a specific program: a civic square with a flagpole, a tree-lined square, a square with children’s game infrastructure, a square with square benches, a multi-purpose triangular pavilion, a Skate Park, an outdoor gym, and two multipurpose courts with stands.

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L7 House / K+A

July 10, 2020 Andreas Luco 0

A simple floor plan emphasizes the rugged materiality of this elongated, cabin-style home in Valle de Bravo. When the homeowners approached Augusto Fernández Mas (K+A Diseño) and Mauricio Miranda (MM Desarrollos) to design a retreat in the Rancho Avandaro Country Club in Valle de Bravo, an hour-and-a-half outside of Mexico City, they nearly gave carte blanche.