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Green Cloud / ZHUBO-AAO

October 31, 2018 Collin Chen 0

Along with the expansion of modern city, original villages located in the edge of city have been turning into isolated islands in flourishing city. Urban village, resulting from population boom in modern China, exists in major cities as common case.

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peter pichler reinterprets alpine architecture in dolomite hotel reconstruction

October 31, 2018 macnadusa 0

after a competition win in 2015, peter pichler architecture has reconstructed an existing hotel amidst the italian dolomites. originally built in 1986, hotel schgaguler is situated in the village of castelrotto in northern italy – an area epitomized by the mountainous landscape. the architect’s design seeks to respect the surroundings and local context whilst following a contemporary […]

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This New House Clad In Weathering Steel Sits On A Hillside In Colorado

October 31, 2018 Erin 0

Photography by Robert Reck   Skylab have designed the Owl Creek Residence, a shared home in Snowmass, Colorado, that was built for two families.   Photography by Robert Reck (top), Jeremy Bittermann (bottom left), and Stephen Miller (bottom right). Perched on a hillside, with panoramic views of Snowmass Mountain, the Owl Creek Residence features an exterior of […]

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Arghavan Family Apartment / Alidoost & partners

October 31, 2018 Daniel Tapia 0

Since all of the Arghavan complex units are owned by the members of a particular family, the interior design was done using a specific physical plan. These spaces consisted of 4 separate units with 3 units of 170 meters and a duplex unit, a hall for celebrations and parties with storage rooms and facilities in the first basement, and a swimming pool and gym in the -2floor.  In addition to creating an intimate environment, special attention was paid to green space in order to gather together all members of the family.

The First WeGrow School In New York Is Filled With Secluded Spaces

October 31, 2018 Erin 0

Photography by Dave Burk   BIG and WeWork have collaborated to create the first WeGrow school in New York City, as an interactive learning landscape that supports a conscious approach to education, nurturing the growth, spirit and mind of the 21st century child.   Photography by Dave Burk Designed for children between the ages of three […]

SOM architect’s “sister skyscrapers” for doomed Chicago Spire site halted

October 31, 2018 Eleanor Gibson 0

The controversy surrounding the site of Santiago Calatrava’s ill-fated Chicago Spire continues, as the city stalls the pair of skyscrapers that SOM’s David Childs has proposed for the vacant waterfront plot. Child’s 400 Lake Shore Drive, designed for developer Related Midwest, was rejected by Chicago’s vice mayor Brendan Reilly on Monday 22 October 2018 – 10 years after

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Humble House / Coy Yiontis Architects

October 31, 2018 Martita Vial 0

Designed for an older couple who travel frequently, this coastal home accommodates visiting grandchildren and family as well as being a private, easily maintained haven between adventures. Building form was driven by site conditions and the need for accessibility; the resulting dynamic façade and dramatic internal volumes belie its liveability.

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Ridge Residence / Their + Curran Architects

October 31, 2018 Daniel Tapia 0

A simple, economical, and small (1,440 sq.ft.) one bedroom retirement home in the country for two city dwellers, Gary, and Carol Ridge, reflects the aspirations of out of the box thinkers who wanted something decidedly different in a retirement home. Gary is a retired construction superintendent, so he literally built most of it by hand, right down to the cabinets, with some locally hired helpers. Carol is a retired administrator from the McMaster University Family Health Department, and we previously worked with her on a clinic design. They purchased a wooded lot overlooking the Consecon Canal along the Loyalist Parkway in the northwest corner of popular Prince Edward County.