Adjustable LED Lighting Strips

WATG Urban's first prize design for The Freeform Home Design Challenge in 2016 is now moving one step closer to becoming a reality. Since winning the competition, WATG's Chicago office has been developing the winning design, dubbed Curve Appeal, alongside Branch Technology. Curve Appeal is now undergoing the "wall section testing, research and development phase" with an anticipated goal of breaking ground later this year. This revolutionary project could change the way we construct complex, freeform structures.

Adjustable LED lighting strips are a really modern item on the market. The strips are adaptable for many surfaces and can have many purposes in the home, the garage, the car or the working space. For example, the strips can be put on the stairs and light your way upstairs or downstairs. They can work with batteries of with electricity power. Importantly, the LED lighting strips come in many different colours, so you can choose your matching or favourite colour. These strips are really a small thing that makes other things better and more interesting.Adjustable LED Lighting Strips

Adjustable LED Lighting Strips

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