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Lantern House / Heatherwick Studio

September 16, 2021 Clara Ott 0

The studio was commissioned by Related Companies in 2015 to design a new residential building in Chelsea, Manhattan, beside the High Line at West 18th Street. In contrast to new glass apartment blocks that have sprung up along the High Line, we wanted to create a new type of residence: one that was reminiscent of the area’s existing historical buildings, designed and built for permanency.

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8 Houses in Alcántara Street / Cristián Izquierdo Lehmann

September 7, 2021 Clara Ott 0

This set of 8 houses around a common space is located in an irregular plot previously occupied by a large house, at walking distance from the financial center of Santiago. The common space is conceived as a pedestrian walkway with continuous edges, whereas the houses on its sides have a symmetrical “L” plan around a squared courtyard.

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Community Kitchens: The Challenge of Generating Roots in Displaced Communities

August 8, 2021 Clara Ott 0

Displacement implies uncertainty, uprooting, and instability, in addition to the loss of community, privacy, and physical and emotional orientation. Addressing these needs through appropriate architectural responses can help displaced communities regain social, economic, and environmental well-being. In this context, community kitchens are designed to help generate a sense of belonging and “normality” in domestic lives.

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Valle Santana / Manuel Cervantes Estudio

July 29, 2021 Clara Ott 0

Valle Santana is a project with a careful insertion on the site and its surroundings, its initial design guidelines were to take advantage of the proportion of the lot and a free zone on the property. Using one of the existing trees as the center of the access courtyard, the social area of the house is generated, as well as the connection with the bedrooms and service areas, providing open views of the forest that surrounds the house from all living spaces.

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Azara 891 Building / Centro Cero + Pablo Pugliese

July 13, 2021 Clara Ott 0

Azara 891 is a low-density multifamily building located on a plot of land between party walls in Lomas de Zamora, south of Buenos Aires Metropolitan area. On an empty lot of limited dimensions (8.66m x 19.52m), it is prioritizing the preservation of a large existing avocado tree, adjacent to the southern neighbor.

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Public Stage / Flu-or + Alba González

July 9, 2021 Clara Ott 0

Public Stage originates from a transversal spirit, from the local administration, cultural institutions, and citizens, as a cultural and social asset whose purpose is to create a space open to debate and rethink the future of the historic harbor landmarks in the city of A Coruña.

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Ocuyrey Guarani MBYA Community Hall / Julio Ignacio Paez

June 28, 2021 Clara Ott 0

The community hall project for Guarani MBYA indigenous communities in Misiones, Argentina, recovers ancient structural techniques which are local and sustainable, paired with simple and accessible industrial techniques that speed up construction time and improve building quality. The project looks to contribute to the empowerment of the communities via a work of assisted self-construction, replicable and sustainable, that assures the community’s well-being. The final product is a building with a strong symbolic character and a great appropriation on the part of the community that builds it and lives in it. This hall manages to transform into a temple, which expresses the bond between ancestral and academic wisdom, contributing to the civic and spiritual union of the community.

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House VG / Estudio BLT

June 18, 2021 Clara Ott 0

¿How can we place a house on a steep hillside? This was the main challenge with the VG house project, where its functionality and its placement and construction were conditioned by the slope.