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House 81 / TAM – Guillermo Elgart

April 8, 2021 Clara Ott 0

The site is located in a closed residential villa called “Las Prunas”, a green lung in the South of Mar del Plata, Argentina. The area presents a heavily wooded land, facing the North to the front and a slight level increase towards the center of the block.

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SAB House / PSV Arquitectura

April 6, 2021 Clara Ott 0

The house develops longitudinally on the ground floor, starting from a grid where public functions are placed on one side and private functions on the other, being the central quadrants, the distribution hall, and the internal courtyards. These allow constant integration with nature in the interior and cross ventilation, as well as complying with the design premise that all spaces are oriented towards the north.

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Margot Restaurant / Alfaro/Acevedo Arquitectura

April 5, 2021 Clara Ott 0

The work was conceived from a client’s premise: “farm-to-table”. From this concept and considering the characteristics of the garden neighborhood of the place, a simple typology was thought of, of unique and flexible space surrounded by nature. Where the dining room coexists in the central area, the open kitchen at one end and the bar at the other.

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Greenhouse Orchid Punta del Este / Mateo Nunes Da Rosa

April 2, 2021 Clara Ott 0

In times of pandemic, Ana, a botany-enthusiast specialised in orchids, turns her hobby into a venture: Greenhouse Orchid, and entrusts us with designing a greenhouse that also acts as an exhibition space. The proposal is a transparent, transportable, modifiable prototype that generates the necessary climate for the survival of the orchids. Two greenhouses are manufactured, one for exhibition and the other for flowering.

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Terra Dominicata Hotel & Winery Landscape Intervention / SCOB

March 31, 2021 Clara Ott 0

Landscape. The intervention within the vineyards known as El Tancat located in the middle of the Montsant Natural Park involves the refurbishment of abandoned buildings formerly used for agricultural use belonging to the Escaladei monastery with the intention of converting them into a small hotel connected with the Terra Dominicata winery.

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Warehouse House / Sebastián Mora Arquitecto

March 25, 2021 Clara Ott 0

The owners of an old flower warehouse located in the Yunguilla Valley, Azuay, decided to build a country house for their family on the site where a plantation once operated. The first question was whether we should keep the existing construction or demolish it. Since the warehouse was in good condition, the decision was made to renovate it and adapt it to its new function.