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The Pyramid Viewpoint / BTE Architecture

June 19, 2021 Daniel Sánchez 0

The site is located on a peninsula overlooking the U.K.’s largest stretch of inland water, Loch Lomond. An existing cafe marks the entrance situation for visitors arriving either by car from the A82 or by boat. From the car park with adjoining jetty, a system of pathways lead onto the peninsula and continue along its exposed edges formed by big rocks, or through the site sheltered by trees and bushes. The rocks locate the site high above the water’s edge and a series of steps and easily accessible ramps lead the visitor through the sloped inside of the site. The pathways interlink, creating a parcour with rendezvous points adding emphasis to these junctions.  The topography of the site allows the surrounding landscape to be experienced as a panorama, with the site itself visible from afar, like a rock amongst water.

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Gohar Khatoon Girls’ School / Robert Hull + University of Washington

May 7, 2021 Daniel Sánchez 0

Located in the center Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan’s fourth largest city, the Gohar Khatoon Girls’ School replaces an older structure that was in an extreme state of disrepair and expands the capacity of a historically significant urban school. The 2,000 m2 complex provides space for kindergarten through grade twelve classes, serving at least 3,000 students or more a day.

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Green House / Sean Godsell Architects

March 29, 2021 Daniel Sánchez 0

Alterations and additions to a small heritage listed timber cottage in inner suburban Melbourne. Planning and heritage requirements and construction costs fundamentally drove the outcome of this project. Our client came to us wanting a new house. For reasons only known and understood by the local authorities the existing cottage was deemed to be of some historical significance. We disagreed with that assessment but to no avail. It was a case of limp-wristed facadism by the authorities and heritage ‘experts’. Instead of abandoning our client we agreed to start from scratch, keeping the front section of the cottage and reworking it and then building a discrete fully new section at the rear of the block. I saw the project in a different light and chose to re-visit some projects that had inspired me as a young architect – Kazuo Shinohara’s ‘House in White’ and ‘House in Hanayama No 3’ and Tadao Ando’s ‘Row House in Sumiyoshi’ or ‘Azuma House’ as it is sometimes known. The ‘Row House in Sumiyoshi’ is a work of genius and I have written elsewhere about that building describing it as ‘a seminal work of the second half of the twentieth century’.

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Loke Thye Kee Residences / Ministry of Design

March 21, 2021 Daniel Sánchez 0

Loke Thye Kee Residences is situated in the heart of Georgetown Penang, one of 5 Malaysian UNESCO world sites rich in heritage. MOD’s design draws inspiration from this heritage and specifically the historic Loke Thye Kee restaurant, its 100-year-old namesake and neighbor. Both the restaurant and the residences re developed by the same owner, 1919 Global Sdn Bhd.

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House for Pottery Festival / Office for Environment Architecture

January 22, 2021 Daniel Sánchez 0

This is a house and atelier for a pottery artist family, located along a traffic circle at a station in suburban Osaka. The site is narrow flag-shaped (a rectangular site with a pole-like narrow path), with 3m of frontage and a depth of 34m. There is a large apartment building on the south side, and idle lands on the north and east sides. A distant view of the beautiful mountain range of Mt. Nijo can be seen in the east direction.