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Gumno House / Turato Architects

August 22, 2019 Daniel Sánchez 0

Gumno (threshing floor) is a circular flattened plateau surrounded by a low stone wall, used for threshing the grains in the past. Gumno was a place of labor, endeavor, and care, and a framework for consistent and coherent social interaction. Gumno served as a space for celebrating a high crop yield, as well as a meeting place where the locals made decisions on important issues that affected their community.

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Jade Museum / Archi-Union Architects

August 10, 2019 Daniel Sánchez 0

Located in the high-density Xuhui District, in downtown Shanghai, Jade Museum is a renovation from an office building. For this project we were commissioned to convert the noncomplex office space into a multi-functional communication art museum on the premise of keeping the original building structure. Faced with the change in the use of the building, we first deconstruct the straightforward logic of the space and blur the functions’ interface. We implement the tools of digital design early in the conceptual phase, to help us rebuild the logic of space and translate the folding of the circulation flows into a folding of space itself.

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Employment Centre SERVEF in Onda / Orts – Trullenque

July 28, 2019 Daniel Sánchez 0

Located on the outskirts of the town, at a 15-minute walk from the centre, this building is inserted in a low density residential area. The public nature of the surrounding environment and its lack of determining features of interest suggested a proposal removed from its surrounding reality, a physical and mental space capable of transmitting calm and optimism.

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Hostel Wadi / Studio Bernardo Secchi & Paola Viganò

July 20, 2019 Daniel Sánchez 0

De Hoge Rielen is a place for civic and ecological education in the 300-hectare forest of a former military base. The O-shaped “Hostel Wadi” encircles part of the pine forest, retained as a memento of a disappearing artificial landscape that is rapidly transforming into  broadleaf vegetation. A circular, ever variable winter garden towards the pine forest acts as a  space of appropriation and continuity between interior and exterior, between groups and the individual. The architecture explores relationships and shared space: the enjoyment of the view occurs on a collective terrain.

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Cloudscapes / Transsolar & Tetsuo Kondo Architects

July 13, 2019 Daniel Sánchez 0

Clouds are important elements of our atmosphere, framing outdoor space and filtering sunlight. They are the visible part of the terrestrial water cycle, carrying water— the source of life—from the oceans to the land. Clouds find balance within stable equilibria and naturally sustain themselves, embodying and releasing solar energy. The ability to touch, feel, and walk through the clouds is a notion drawn from many of our fantasies. Gazing out of airplane windows, high above the earth, we often daydream of what it might be like to live in this ethereal world of fluffy vapor.

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House in Shinkawa / Yoshichika Takagi

July 6, 2019 Daniel Sánchez 0

This is a house with a space that looks like an interior as well as an exterior. The space has a large air volume, covered with a roof and translucent surface which keep off the rain and wind. However, it doesn’t have heat insulation performance. It could be positioned on the extension of the Japanese traditional earth floor or the sun room seen in houses of Hokkaido. Here we call it a “terrace” because it is a half-exterior space that is bright and open. From spring to autumn, it works as a part of the living space. And in winter it works like a glasshouse, which keeps off the severe cold.

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The Tent / a21 studio

June 23, 2019 Daniel Sánchez 0

Located inside an operating hot spring and mineral resort, the Tent is a small spa perched in the folds of halfway terrace up to a rock hill, facing to the river. This seems to be the good place for hiding away from the eventful area on the other side of the hill to enjoy healthy activities such as mud bathing and massage services. However, one of the biggest constraints of the site is that it gets intense heat from the West throughout the year, which makes it fallow for years.

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Naman Retreat Pure Spa / MIA Design Studio

June 22, 2019 Daniel Sánchez 0

The Naman Retreat Pure Spa is an oasis of tranquility and facilitates the five-star Naman Retreat, Danang. Fifteen stunning treatment rooms are endowed with lush open air gardens, deep soak bathtub and cushioned daybed built for two. Keep fit at the equally sleek health club with gym, meditation and yoga sessions held at the open lounge garden in the still cool mornings. The ground floor contains open spaces with relaxing platforms surrounded by serene lotus ponds and hanging gardens. A true space where all senses are touched and the mind comes to peace…

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Desert Courtyard House / Wendell Burnette Architects

June 15, 2019 Daniel Sánchez 0

The site is a peninsula of granite outcroppings and towering Saguaro cacti surrounded on all sides by deep perennial desert washes except for a single spit of land affording access from an Ocotillo studded ridge above. The building site, further down a long private drive, levels out toward the west into an edge condition dominated by an expansive vista – layers and layers of distant mountain ranges – that in the evening seem to epitomize the drama of the Arizona Sunset. Due to the elevation of the site beneath the community’s gaze and the entry gate at the road it became important to us – to recede the house as a deep shadow – into the depth and complexity of the desert floor below.