Awesome Cantilevered Staircase

There is something incredibly satisfying about 3D maps that make you want to follow the streets and rivers with your fingers, navigating your way through the urban landscape. Almost like contours, CityWood’s minimalist maps are built up through plywood layers, laser cut with precision to one-hundredth of a millimeter and hand assembled for high-quality craftsmanship.

Awesome process of building the cantilevered staircase is presented on the pictures in this post. The cantilevered staircases can be with different looks which depends on the wishes of the owners. Thus, these stairs can be from different materials, different colours and different style. Anyhow, this type of stairs can give your home the WOW factor. That is because they can save you some space but also serve as an ornament in the interior. generally the price for these stairs can cost more than the ordinary staircases, but no more than the price for the spiral staircases.Awesome Cantilevered Staircase

Awesome Cantilevered Staircase

If you are intrigued by these stairs, see the process of making them or click the link below.


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