BALNEA spa thermale pavilion extends out toward the canadian landscape

canada’s BALNEA spa presents a new, design-oriented experience for visitors to reconnect with the sweeping landscape. designed and built by the architectural firm blouin tardif architecture environnement, the pavillon ouest, or west pavilion, includes a large terrace, hot tub and turkish bath. the new pavilion adds capacity to the spa, while pursuing the exceptional facility’s mission to reinvent the art of relaxation through a fully immersive experience in the heart of nature. located in bromont and overlooking a breathtaking natural reserve, BALNEA continues to showcase avant-garde architecture together with its natural site.

balnea spa pavilion
all images courtesy of blouin tardif architecture environnement



the new pavilion is designed to establish a new connection with the surrounding forested landscape as the spa previously only offered views overlooking the ‘lac gale’ scenery. as the team at blouin tardif architecture environnement is always working to minimize the reserve’s environmental footprint, the owners have opted for a sustainable approach to everything from materials to the mechanical equipment behind the new wellness space. BALNEA president and co-owner denis laframboise comments: ‘to minimize our impact on the local flora and fauna, the new structures were built off-site, with only final assembly done on-site.’

balnea spa pavilion



the bath is designed for up to 25 bathers at a time, making it the spa’s largest. during the summer, the 30-foot bath is used as a relaxation pool, offering an exceptional thermal experience. laframboise elaborates: ‘we chose an infinity pool so that the surface of the water blends into the lake in the background and the mountains beyond, but also to hide activities going on elsewhere. bathers are sheltered from the rest of the site and embraced by the warm water, giving them a sense of total privacy.’

balnea spa pavilion



laframboise continues:the siting of these facilities on the west side of the spa highlights an area that had been under-used. previously, our restaurant and its outdoor terrace occupied the space. in 2014, we moved the restaurant and terrace to the east, near the reception area. our long-term plan has been to offer our guests more access to this sunny part of the property, with that soothing yellow light that lingers at the end of late-winter days, and delivers softer warmth on long summer afternoons.

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