Beginner’s Guide for Two-Point Perspective

This is a guest post by AutoCAD expert Edwin Prakoso. You can find this and other AutoCAD tips on his website here. Edwin Prakoso works as an Application Engineer in Jakarta, Indonesia. He’s been using AutoCAD since R14 and Revit since Revit Building 9. He occasionally writes for AUGIWorld magazine and is also active in [...]

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Beginner’s guides are always welcome, especially if they are simple and explained with pictures. Thus, we give you this excellent tutorial for drawing with two-point perspective. Generally, this is one of the plenty tutorials that is selected for its simplicity and functionality. First, draw a horizon line that will guide you through the process. Normally, you can see one cube above, under or on the line. Second, with the eye estimation determine which is the long and which is the short side. Then, you should find the closest line that will be the reference for the next measurements.Beginner's Guide for Two-Point Perspective

Beginner’s Guide for Two-Point Perspective

Watch the amazing tutorial and try to replicate the image as the artists explains and draws.


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