Building Material with the Fastest Growing Characteristics – Bamboo

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Bamboo is very fast growing plant that is very often used in the construction. It contains a distinctive rhizome-dependent system, which is making it one of the fastest-growing plants in the world. Bamboo’s growth is three times faster than most other species of plants.As a building material is used for the construction of scaffolding, bridges and structures, houses. Building Material with the Fastest Growing Characteristics - Bamboo

Building Material – Bamboo and its Wider Use

Soil stabilization, wind break, urban waste water treatment and reduction of nitrates contamination

 Creating a fire line in traditional forests-due to the high content of silica.

 Removing atmospheric carbon- bamboo can capture 17 metric tons of carbon per hectare per year, i.e., effectively than any other species.

 The shoots are edible.

 Building and construction.

 Small scale and cottage industries, for handicrafts and other products.

 New generation products as wood substitutes

 Industrial products

 Transportation industry- truck bodies, railway carriages etc.

 Boards and furniture

 Medicine

 Paper and pulp industry

 Long time source of biomass for industry

 Fuel source- capable of generating 1000-6000 cal/g- for households and small industries is an age-old, continuing practice.


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