Cantilever Stairs – Details for Construction

The Weber House is located in a condominium of lots and marina Velas da Marina, in Lagoa dos Quadros on the north coast of Rio Grande do Sul. Its use is exclusive to summer holidays and weekend breaks for the owners and their young daughter. To release the garage facade on the narrow terrain, the 1s floor has a side passage for cars, and the strategy for gaining frontage was with horizontal lines of slender marquees and a brick wall that would make the garden background.

Cantilever means a long projecting beam which is fixed at only one end. Generally, the architects and the engineers tend to make their projects less expensive and more attractive. For that purpose, they should find a way how to use less material, but to achieve the wanted effect.  For example, the stairs with such design, are attached to the wall, only on one side. Also, for less materials, they do not have anything on the sides. But if the owner ask for such part, it can be turned into a piece of art, something unusual and minimalist.Cantilever Stairs - Details for Construction

Cantilever Stairs – Details for Construction

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