Circle as an Inspiration for Various Designs

Every time I met a space, for me, it always means a start of breaking boundaries, which appears more as a status of keeping self-breakthrough and the story created behind the status. The design method applied on this space, however, acts as the medium conveying mood and narrative. Then how do we break the rules? One of the architect Cui Shu’s best friends, Wu Wei, started a project with Cui to again achieve their breakthrough.

Circle as a shape carries the most symbolism of all shapes. It presents wholeness, eternity, infinity, timelessness. So, it is more than obvious that all of these symbolic meanings will inspire architects and designers. As you can see on the pictures here, the designs are complete packages of the objects which are surrounded with relaxing greenery and water. All of them immediately share the energy and the positive vibrations. Thus, why not make more of these designs and construct them more often?Circle as an Inspiration for Various Designs

Circle as an Inspiration for Various Designs

If you too are a fan of the circle and you like the designs presented on the pictures below, click the link at the end of the post.


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