Discover the Drawing Mistakes

Movie posters for the new comedy adaptation of Peter Rabbit have the tag line “Rascal. Rebel. Rabbit.” Peter’s original creator, Beatrix Potter, was something of a rebel herself. And it showed up in her garden.
On a November day in 1905, a 39-year-old Potter inked the deed for the purchase...

Discover the drawing mistakes with this amazing tutorial Draw with Jazza. Normally, in every hobby or every profession there are mistakes. That is why, he helps us to spot the mistakes and find a way to correct them. First, you need to accept the idea that everybody makes mistakes. But, also that there is a way that you can improve. Second, there is the recognition of the mistakes which concerns the proportions, the poses, and the symmetry. Next, you should look from a distance. Also, you can flip the image. Last, do not be afraid to ask a friend for an opinion.Discover the Drawing Mistakes

Discover the Drawing Mistakes

See the beautiful tutorial below.


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