Divergences Between Architects and Engineers

  LLI Design have recently completed the contemporary redesign of a Victorian townhouse in Highgate, a residential area of North London. Stepping inside, the designers reinstated the stained glass in the fan light window above the front door and side window, bringing light, color, and texture into the hallway.   On the main floor of the home, […]

Divergences are clearly present between these two professions. The architects and the engineers often tend to show some rivalry, but the both professions have a great purpose and importance. First, the architects focus on the look, the design and the aesthetics of the buildings or the houses. On the other hand, the engineers focus on the science, engineering and physics concerned to the building projects. However, they also have things in common. Both need additional certificates in their fields and they both have to work together to make one project successful and safe.Divergences Between Architects and Engineers

Divergences Between Architects and Engineers

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