Final Details for the Reinforcement

In this AutoCAD Beginners Video Tutorial - 5 layer & hatch concept has been covered in detail. AutoCAD commands covered in this tutorial are layer, matchprop (match properties), LTScale, Hatch. - What is layer & how to use it.- How to create ...

Final touches and details are very important for any projects. Mostly because that is the crucial time for one last check, last changes and updates. When you have to work with reinforcement, you should pay attention to the important spots. For example, you should consider the thickness of the slabs and it should be according to the standards. Also, very important are the beams, the slabs, the columns and else. In the end, all of these elements should satisfy the numbers given by the guidelines and should be in according with the standards.Final Details for the Reinforcement

Final Details for the Reinforcement

See the pictures and the link for more detailed information for each part.


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