Fundamental Techniques for Drawing

Days (or rather, nights) before the deadline, the studio becomes a haven for all those students madly rendering, photoshopping, and printing the last pieces of their presentation, using the adrenaline of the deadline for motivation. While it's common for people to disagree even on the true definition of an all-nighter—is it classed as working until the sun rises, being awake for a period of over 24 hours, or even working right through to bedtime the following evening?—students often unhealthily boast about how many they have survived.

Fundamental rules should be followed for almost every sphere in life. Consequently, there are also some basic rules is drawing perspective. Jazza is the artist who explains how to do it. According to his instructions, there are several ways how to create depth in the drawings. Firstly, the most basic is the one point perspective, which is the simplest. Secondly, you can use the two-point perspective. With this method, you should have two points from where the guidelines come out. Lastly, is the three-points perspective that is similar to the two-point perspective, but is more complicated.Fundamental Techniques for Drawing

Fundamental Techniques for Drawing

Watch the video below for the explanations and the drawing examples.


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