Information You Should Better Know about Steel Construction

Located in Campo Largo, in the metropolitan area of Curitiba, Rocio Hospital is a private hospital with over 50 years of experience providing medical services. Its new main building is used for providing priority service (around 90%) to patients in the Public Health System (SUS), besides offering private practice and servicing private health plans. The hospital is already nationally renowned for certain procedures such as pediatric heart surgeries, and holds the title of largest ICU in the country (300 beds).

Information about the construction with steel are more and the architects, designers, engineers and all curious people should know. There are different segments in the construction that need steel. But there are also different types of steel reinforcement that lead to effective use of it. so, the steel can be used for stair construction, roof construction, bridges construction and in many more places in the construction. information-you-should-better-know

Information about Steel Construction

The images bellow are presenting some very important segments that are used in the construction. Steel construction is huge and important…take a look!


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