Luxurious Villa Designed by Emporio

Located on a tight lot in Venice, California, the Flower Duplex is a union of opposites. Initiated by a local couple who had opposing styles, Modal Design resolved programmatic needs by replacing an existing duplex with a new structure that blended their distinct aesthetics. While the project was fairly straightforward programmatically, aesthetically the task was more challenging as their ideas for their new home were distinct. Hers: a rustic and potentially traditional home that evoked images of ageing barns in her home state of Colorado. His: a modern and open space connected to the outdoors. 

Luxurious villa by the architects and the engineers in Emporio. As you can see on the images below, you will immediately notice the different design and the elegance. The house seems very intimate and you can not have much insight from the street. But, certainly the interior offers all the lavish luxuries that you can imagine and that can satisfy even the most picky people.Luxurious Villa Designed by Emporio

Luxurious Villa Designed by Emporio

Finally, see the amazing design of this villa which will surely give so much to the owners and they will surely enjoy their time there. Furthermore, click the link at the end of the post.


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