Mastermind Architecture from Paper

Ordos City hotel is more than just a hotel, but it is supposed to become an important and recognizable landmark in the area. The designers behind this projects are the EXN Design. Furthermore, the...

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Mastermind architects or scientist or artists always try to find something more breathtaking. Consequently, every new idea that looks different is accepted and used by them. However, sometimes these ideas can face criticism or be judged. That is not the case with these amazing paper projects. All these architecture projects are made entirely out of paper, and is used 3D technology. Mark Hay is the architect who makes these beautiful models.Mastermind Architecture from Paper

Mastermind Architecture from Paper

Read more about this amazing technique in the link below. But before that see the pictures and admire the talent of this artist and architect.


The post Mastermind Architecture from Paper appeared first on Architecture Admirers.

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