Measure Everything only with Your Hands

As the family extended the residents have preferred to enlarge their home rather than moving elsewhere, as they are in love with their neighborhood and the city. Adding the extension in inner courtyard architects divided the house in two separate partitions.

Measure tricks are always welcomed because we do not always have the measurement tools at touch. Generally, we need the measurements for different things on daily basis. Also, we can not always have the tools with us. For that purpose, we will give you tricks for measuring different systems like centimeters, degrees and else. For example, if you open your thumb and your index finger, the length between them will be around 18 centimeters. But, if you open the thumb and the little finger you will get additional 2 centimeters. Then, you can tell the degrees with your palm because you will have the full angle with your thumb and your little finger.Measure Everything only with Your Hands

Measure Everything only with Your Hands

Finally, see the pictures and learn several more tricks.


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