Miandza Teaches Us to Draw a Room

  Nanna Neergaard and Marie Hesseldahl from Manér Studio, have designed the ARC lighting collection for lighting manufacturer LE KLINT, who are celebrating their 75th anniversary this year.   ARC is a modern collection that was inspired by the imposing architecture and the industrial beauty and ingenuity of the regal interior of The Grundtvig Church […]

Miandza is the artist who will guide us in this post. This artist explains how to draw a room in one-point perspective. For this purpose, you should make the outline of the room. Then, you should find the middle of it and mark the middle of the line. Afterwards, you should draw several lines that come out of the dot and which connect the opposite corners of the room. Next, you should follow the outline and the intermingled lines and draw the elements and the furniture according to them.Miandza Teaches Us to Draw a Room

Miandza Teaches Us to Draw a Room

See the simple tutorial below.


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