MUJI’s ‘plain house’ is a single-storey timber dwelling

continuing its foray into holistic living environments, MUJI has unveiled plans for a single-storey timber dwelling designed to support diverse ways of living. called ‘yō no ie’, or ‘plain house’, the home has been configured to accommodate a wide range of generations and a variety of different lifestyles. the residence, which is currently only available in japan, has been designed for a country that is dealing with population changes such as declining birthrates, aging citizens, and major work/life reforms.

MUJI plain house
all images courtesy of MUJI



built with the theme of ‘connecting with the garden, connecting with the family’ in mind, MUJI’s ‘plain house’ boasts an open plan layout without fixed divisions or separations. this maximizes the amount of potential functions that can take place within the home. as reported by premium japan, the design also features an expansive outdoor deck that allows the home’s internal programs to spill out onto an open terrace. this wooden deck also includes a sunken firepit. ‘yō no ie’ is currently retailing in japan for around $160,000 USD.

MUJI plain house

MUJI plain house

MUJI plain house

the house’s terrace is available in two different sizes



project info:


name: yō no ie / plain house
company: MUJI
$160,000 USD (approx) — only available in japan
more information: official website

philip stevens I designboom

jan 12, 2020

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