Optimum Setup for the Lighting Fixtures

The project is a home studio for architect couple. Both practicing architects and share the passion for architecture, music and painting. The site has an extent of 3 cents and has marshy soil condition. Space needed to be flexible and work as a workspace, place to practice music and discussion space.  Designed needed to be compact and modern in its material and construction. The budget was a major concern along with construction time. Initially our idea was to have separate space for music & architecture. The triangular profile of the design comes from attic, a space that doesn’t requires walls thus reducing the need for a heavy foundation and thus cost. The whole space is divided into two levels ground floor and attic level. Which act as workspace and leisure respectively.

Optimum setup for the lights in our homes or offices is an very important aspect. Also, it might look as an secondary factor, but the lighting fixtures are more than the modern and fancy lamp posts. For example, if we have a bad light in the bathroom, we would not be able to do our make up properly. Then, without the good light in the office, we cannot work as productive as we can. In addition, the light should fall on our hands, and reflect on the other side.Optimum Setup for the Lighting Fixtures

Optimum Setup for the Lighting Fixtures

Finally, see the examples on the pictures.


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